Sunday Summary // 06.11.2016

06 November 2016

Sunday Summary
Well, November had officially begun and it’s been a fun start to the month. I think the highlight of my week so far was definitely a bonfire and fireworks display I went to Friday night. It was such a laugh meeting my friend after work and driving over and just having fun hanging out with her and her boyfriend. They had rides on for the kids (we didn’t go on any of them, but I’m telling you that bouncy castle would have held my weight) and we wondered around drinking as many hot drinks as we could get or hands on (it was freezing, when I had a pint I thought my fingers were going to fall off so a lot of tea was drunk that night instead). The fireworks were so pretty and the bonfire was warm. It meant that I couldn’t sit and chat with Kaja and Danya about the ending of Because of Miss Bridgerton (sorry guys) because small villages have terrible phone signal it seems. But I say it was worth it.

As for the rest of my week. I have been very boring really. I’ve not done much, even work has been on the quiet side (for me anyway, a couple of my colleagues have a couple of things to grumble about but I won’t get into that today). I think the most exciting thing which happened was my brother getting his new car (his old one got written off a couple of weeks ago and he needed a new one to get to work). He has gotten himself a boy racer car (are boy racers a UK thing? Here’s the google link for you).

When all is said and done I’ve done little because it has been too damn cold to go anywhere that is outdoors so I’ve taken the opportunity to curl up and read some and I’ve loved it.

What I’ve Been Reading

I’ve got my reading mojo back! I believe the slump has ended. Either that or I’m going through a small not slump to compensate for a couple of bad reading weeks. I don’t care why it’s happening I’m just glad to be reading again.

I finished my readalong of Because of Miss Bridgerton and Loved it (why is the next book not out yet because that book sounds amazeballs). I then started trying to catch up on my review copies. I enjoyed Christmas Joy (seriously, that is the book to read at the beginning of December to get you hyped up for decorating and all that) and wanted to read a good urban fantasy. I thought I might get that in the form of Priceless which is on sale for 99p. Sadly, that book annoyed me with a few too many things. It’s good and I like the idea of it, but I don’t think I’ll be continuing with the series. Luckily for me I had another urban  fantasy book on my Kindle waiting to be read in the form of Reliquary. That book annoyed me but it did way more right than it did wrong so I immediately bought myself the second book and read it last night and loved it. I've the third on pre-order.

New To Me

I also treated myself to a few books. Look, books go on sale at the beginning of a new month. I always have more books at the start than I intend. Don’t judge me!

Luckily, I regret none of my purchases. I mean, I got Labyrinth Lost for under £2, I got The Collectors' Society free (I’m curious about this book so hopefully it’s good and if not it’s no loss on my part), City of the Lost I’ve already read but I got a hardback copy for £5 (what sane person would turn down that deal?) and all my other purchases were made for under £1 for Kindle. Basically, I saw bargains and my brain couldn’t say no.
Also, I won a book on Twitter this week! I now own a signed copy of Bryan Cranston’s book! I am pretty damn excited for this book considering I’ve not actually seen Breaking Bad (look, the more people tell me to watch it the more I resist. I am contrary and there is nothing you can do to change that).

How has your week been? Anything interesting happened? Has anyone been to a good bonfire and fireworks display for Guy Fawkes (sorry non-UK readers, I know that’s not really your thing)? Please, fill me in on life and things below because I love hearing from you.
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