Monthly Wrap Up // November

30 November 2016

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I wish I knew where my November went but it was lost in work drama, Christmas shopping, and reading and blogging slumps. It’s been busy and passed with a blink of the eye. I mean, how has it gotten to December already? Before you know it the year will be over and I will be talking about my favourite books of 2016 and what I’m looking forward to read in 2017.

I honestly don’t know where the year goes but it’s exciting to look back on the month and with just one more month left in 2016 I’ve got a lot of reading to catch up on and I need to start thinking about my resolutions for this year and next. Is it a bit early to already be planning for next year when there’s still a month left in the year? Don’t be silly.

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November Reads


November Posts

November Links

Confessions of a Book Geek | 2016 Bookish Gift Guide With Exclusive Discounts (I look forward to this post every year as Rachel gets the best discounts, great place to get gift ideas for bookish friends)
The Book Voyagers | Stop Using POC As Plot Devices (a great collection of books which have diversity and show POC should have the starring role in their own stories because we’re approaching 2017 and this shouldn’t be so difficult)
It Starts At Midnight | Does Social media Competence Equal Blog Success? // Bookish Self Care (because it’s been a crazy month and we all need a little self care to get us through)
The Perpetual Page Turner | Phase 1 Is Complete (For Now) (Jamie talks about getting rid of books she’s not going to read and clearing her shelves)
The Fictional Reader | On Diversity, Privilege And Feeling Uneducated (I saw this post last month and forgot to link but it’s actually a really interesting read)
Nick And Nereyda’s Infinite Booklist | Books I Love With Covers I Hate (And it features a few books I agree wholeheartedly with)
The Innocent Smiley | All About Self-Care
The Daydreaming Bookworm | When Blogging Becomes Overwhelming
All About Books | Spreadsheet: Books 2017 (I look forward to this spreadsheet every year and every year it improves. If you want a way to track your reading and spending this is for you)
Boats Against The Current | Are You A Serial Hobbyist?

My November has been crazy (I mean, Trump won an election and I’ve suffered some reading ups and downs) but how has yours been? Anyone read any good books lately or seen anything interesting online? Tell me all below, I’m honestly interested.
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