My Blogging Problems // When Real Life Gets In The Way

13 December 2017

My Blogging Problems
As you may have noticed (because I remind you every Sunday) I have been a little absent around the blogosphere of late. Both on my blog but also visiting other folks and it sucks because I never feel like I can have a chat as it takes an age for me ever to see or respond to anything. I’ve been feeling bad about it but it’s one of those things. Real life and other interests have just plain old got in the way so I haven’t been blogging. I love blogging, I’ve been doing so for three years now and it’s seriously the best hobby… expect for reading of course.

I want to keep you informed about why I’m not around. Some reasons you guys will know if you read my Sunday posts, and some things you’ll just be surprised at because it’s not just me having real life getting in the way, I also have other interests!

I am not going to keep apologising for not being around because we all get busy but I want to share what’s keeping me distracted of late and you guys can feel free to do the same because we all have lives, I don’t think any of us are full time bloggers so we shouldn’t feel bad for having other plans.

My Nan

isn't fair
As anyone who reads my Sunday posts will know, we have moved my nan into a care home recently. It was a tough (and expensive) decision to make but she has been needing to move for a good long while and this was the best decision we could make. It was a touch and go process over whether we could get her in the home and we are still concerned she isn’t settling in but it was something which needed to happen. now she is in the home we must start the lengthy process of trying to sell the home she has lived in for forty years and it’s heart-breaking. She loves that house, she raised her children there (my dad and uncle) and that is the only home I have ever known her have. I get sad just thinking of selling it so as you can imagine that’s been emotionally draining and I just haven’t always had the mental will power to blog with all of that going on. That has been the most depressing reason why I haven’t been blogging as much and so I thought I’d put that out there first. There are other more fun reasons.

Seeing Friends

Guys, I know I don’t mention social outings and stuff all that much on the blog and I never name friends from my real life just because they haven’t signed up for me broadcasting their life on here, not like me who made the decision. But I have actual real live friends and I have been seeing a few of them a lot more recently and I’ve loved it. Some I see often and have just not seen in a while as they live down south, others I lost touch with and am now seeing and reconnecting with and it’s rocked. I saw once girl I’ve not seen in ten years and we spoke like we hung out just a few weeks ago. I saw another I have seen in about a year and laughed hysterically with for a night like we hung out just the other day. It’s been a great time for seeing friends and I’ve had the best time but it has meant I’ve not been sat in front of a computer screen. I’d apologise but I’m not even sorry, I love that real life friends are the reason for me neglecting online friends for once.


Look, I adore the Sims and I fully blame the Tumblrs I follow who are sims based and Kristen for my renewed love for Sims. It’s an addictive game and I love it. I sadly lost my supernatural themed neighbourhood I was going to grow and explore when my old laptop kicked the bucket but I am now deciding to have a very OTT neighbourhood filled with dramatic things like affairs, family feuds and some full on soap like drama. I am looking forward to it because if you can’t give a family grief on the Sims where can you do it? I am thinking people sleeping with the maid and a womaniser who everyone hates. i also want a grumpy old woman to live somewhere. It will be epic so let’s hope I don’t get bored before I finish the neighbourhood.

Final Fantasy IX

I don’t know if you guys know this about me but I actually really love playing video games. Like, I know I play The Sims but that’s a game everyone plays. I do actually play proper games as well and the one taking up most of my time of late is Final Fantasy IX. They released it on PS4 and it looks like it’s a straight port from Steam from what I’ve seen but I don’t care, it’s awesome and addictive and was one of my favourite RPGs growing up. I definitely think it helped grow my love for fantasy as well. It is just as good as I remember it being when I was 11 and I am so glad I got a copy on my PS4. It will suck up many hours of my day and I don’t care. It does mean I’m reading less, though.


The final reason for my absence is pretty simple. It snowed here in the UK and I am full on distracted by the white powdery stuff outside my window. It began snowing on Friday where I live and it was distracting for me then because I wasn’t sure I was going to get home from work and so my motivation to blog was low. Then it really snowed on Sunday, my prime blogging day, and once more I didn’t have the motivation to blog as I was stressing about getting to work Monday. I can’t drive and the buses were all cancelled Sunday so I worried i wouldn’t make it to the office. The temperatures have also plummeted now the snow has settled so the is the risk of ice. As pretty as the snow is it totally stressed me out when it came to work and it meant I was completely distracted writing blog posts. I haven’t typed a single word and it was only writing this Monday night I’ve managed to get anything finished. I had all these grand blogging plans for the weekend and a few flakes of snow threw that idea out of the window.


Basically, real life has worked hard to keep me distracted lately. My mind hasn’t been totally on blogging and reading whilst it sucks I’m okay with it. It’s Christmas and I have interests outside reading and blogging. I won’t apologise for not being around and I don’t know why we insist on doing so. Real life happens and it’s totally okay for us to do other things. It’s always nice to hear what other folks have been getting up to when they’ve not been about on their blog much, though. I am trying to post a couple of times a week because sometimes writing words on a screen are the best way for me to unwind but that hasn’t always been the case in the past couple of weeks.

What keeps you distracted from blogging? Any real life things interrupting your plans or is it just me? And why do we insist on apologising when real life gets in the way like we’re at fault in some way?
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