Sunday Summary // 24.12.2017

24 December 2017

Sunday Summary
Hi guys, I hope you’re already for Christmas as it’s Christmas Eve! I wasn’t going to post today or on New Year’s Eve because I know it’s the time of year we’re all busy with our family but I hate missing a Sunday post so I will persevere.

This week has been a really strange one. I will begin with the bad and work my way up. I did debate whether or not to tell you guys on the blog but I’m honest about everything else so you can hear the bad news too.

On Thursday night my nan passed away. I am still processing it. She went into hospital Tuesday and we thought she was just causing trouble (as she was known to do) and causing a stir. She was anaemic and her blood pressure was low but we were optimistic. But then when we visited Wednesday the doctor told us she wasn’t responding to treatment and they recommended stopping treatment and keeping her comfortable. It was shocking for all of us. I was in tears at work Thursday so was sent home and we managed one last visit to the hospital Thursday and then in the night when no one was there she passed. It was a terrible night for me but knowing how unhappy she became towards the end I can at least know she is at peace now.

I am obviously still heartbroken and am prone to bouts of crying if I leave myself to think too hard but keeping busy to prepare for Christmas is helping. Because of the way the holiday has fallen we can’t do much to prepare for her funeral or anything like that until Wednesday but it means I am going to be busy on my week off of work. This wasn’t exactly how I’d hoped to spend my time but I am hoping my having to plan things like her funeral will help keep me distracted. I am actually glad that my stepdad has invited his daughters and their kids over for Christmas Day now, though. Having so many people in the house will stop me and my brother from moping and will help us enjoy the holiday because it was my nan’s favourite holiday so I refuse to let it ruin the holiday for me.

As you can imagine blogging hasn’t been my priority this week but I do want to get my end of year/start of 2018 posts up. I thought about taking a break from it but I honestly think that staying busy is the best way for me to cope because I will wallow. This is probably one of the stages of grief but I’m cool with that.

Apart from the big low of this week everything else has been pretty awesome in comparison. Everyone at work was absolutely lovely while I was sat there crying and working away Thursday morning (I was wrapping my work up in case I wasn’t back in Friday) those on my team were so lovely and my friends have been totally amazing. It has made me really appreciate the friends I have because they are the best and have totally been there. If I need to cry/a distraction/late night chat then I know I’ve got people I can call and that’s good to know.

What I’ve Been Reading

The Cruel Prince
I’m sure you can all appreciate I have not been in the best mood for reading but I had started The Cruel Prince at the beginning of the week and I was determined to finish. I do find a good book can often be the perfect distraction. This was most definitely a good book. I will be reviewing it next month, closer to the release date. If you guys enjoy a good fantasy or have read Holly Black’s The Darkest Part of the Forest then you need to preorder this book ASAP. It’s amazing! My only complaint is that I don’t have the next book yet!

New To Me

Within ReachShadowsong
I got a single book this week and it’s a short 200 page thing for Kindle and I am pleased with that progress. I did also get approved for the Shadowsong ARC, though. I am so insanely excited for this book you don’t even know, I’ve got my preorder in already but I will never say no to reading early.

How have your guys weeks been? Are we all ready for CHristmas? We still need to put our tree up but all of my presents are wrapped.
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