Sunday Summary // 17.12.2017

17 December 2017

Sunday Summary
Hi guys! So what’s happened this week? I’ve spent a lot less time on my laptop again this week and I’ve enjoyed the slight digital break. I’ve been spending my time thinking about my resolutions for next year and I’m thinking one of them may be me trying to switch off from technology after 9/9:30 because too often I find myself sitting in bed on a night browsing my phone for an hour after I go to bed and there is no reason for it. It would be much better if I just turned off from technology, so you guys heard it here first, I am going to try and switch off. I am also thinking I want to set some non-book/blog related resolutions because I never normally do that. We’ll see, I’m all about 2018 planning right now.

We struggled with the aftermath of the heavy snow we had on last Sunday. We had a real cold snap here and it was a real struggle getting to work all week. Public transport wasn’t too bad but it was slippery and when it went below freezing the snow gradually became ice which was just awesome (not). I successfully haven’t fallen over but was definitely stressful walking up the hill to work, especially as I couldn’t always walk in the road to avoid the ice like I wanted to (if anyone could explain why people don’t grit footpaths that would be awesome).

I won’t move on to work because whilst I enjoyed some things at work a couple of major things pissed me off. I’m working for another week and then I break up for Christmas. I am looking forward to the time off. I am also looking forward to the Christmas party next week.

I have had a fun non-bookish week all in all and I am loving that. I managed to blog a bit, and I read a book and finally finished another. I watched terrible Christmas films on Netflix and that was awesome. And then I watched a funny Christmas film and I don’t even care that it’s not quite Christmas yet, we’re planning on putting our decorations up this weekend so I’m getting into the spirit.

What I’ve Been Reading

I decided screw finishing A Court of Wings and Ruin right now, let’s read Artemis and I actually really enjoyed it. Although I did have issues (as discussed in my review) it was fun, though. It was only after I finished and I thought back on it the issues were obvious to me. I also (finally) finished A Life in Parts and I have to say Bryan Cranston has led an interesting life. I am glad I read it.

New To Me

AutoboyographyThe Cruel Prince
I only got two books this week. I am impressed with myself. Autoboyography was a Kindle daily deal so I had to buy, especially since I’d seen plenty of good reviews for it. And then I won The Cruel Prince on Readers First a couple of weeks back and I’ve been sat in doubt about whether or not it would arrive (I am excited about this book, I’m always surprised if I get books I actually want). I will be starting The Cruel Prince this weekend. I cannot wait, Holly Black always does good books.

What are you reading? Anyone else had snow lately? And what’s your favourite Christmas film?
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