Sunday Summary // 10.12.2017

10 December 2017

Sunday Summary
Guys, I keep meaning to make time for blogging and real life has really been getting in the way. Anyone who stops by regularly will have been confused as to why i only posted one this week. I have busy lately and not had chance to sit in front of my laptop and write a post and that’s frustrated me but at least I have a little time now to sit down and write out my weekly post, even if it’s the only post I get up each week.

What have I been doing this week since I’ve not been blogging? Well, I’ve been getting all adither over getting Taylor Swift tickets, me and my friends have planning where to stay and everything next year. It’s at Wembley so it’ll be the first time I’ve been into London in a very long time so that will be a fun day in June for me. I am very excited. And the time I spent planning was also spent seeing friends. I saw one friend I haven’t seen in like a year and we had a great time, I was in hysterics. It’s so good knowing you haven’t seen someone for a year adn you can still have a great time together.

One really exciting thing which happened this week is that it snowed! We don’t get stuff like snow too often here in the UK and so when we all saw snow forecast everyone at work was rolling their eyes and joking there’ll be a sprinkling on the pavement and the world will come to a standstill. It was a little more than a sprinkling, I think we were meant to get a few centimetres and it will hilarious at work on Friday. I mean, it’s good people got in considering I left the house and there was nothing and an hour later at work it was white out. I saw a lot of wheel spinning and a few cars spinning out. It was all scary but it was an entertaining morning of work.

What I’ve Been Reading

1. A Court of Wings and Ruin
I haven’t been reading anything new this week. I am actually fed up of A Court of Wings and Ruin. Not because it’s bad (although it’s far too long) but because I’ve been reading this series for two weeks now and so I think I’ll put it on hold for a little while. I might focus on a couple of ARCs and then come back to it.

New To Me

Deadly Silence
One new book for me this week. And that books is also a freebie at that. I had this on my radar before and I’d seen a couple of folks read it so I’m going to see if it’s any good. If not, at least I didn’t pay any money for it.
Piecing Me TogetherMore Than We Can TellEverless
I can’t be too smug about not getting new books, though, as I did get three new ARCs in the past couple of weeks. I am excited for each in their own way but I am definitely having a resolution for next year about not requesting too many ARCs. This will be helped by the change in location rules Netgalley have snuck in. I may get approved for a few less romances but we shall see. And then there are those publishers sticking with wishlist only items which ugh. It’s a thing, I’m mostly ok with it.

That’s my week, yay for snow and fingers crossed that my reading will pick up shortly. Anyone finished their Christmas shopping yet? If so, please tell me your secrets.
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