Sunday Summary // 03.12.2017

03 December 2017

Sunday Summary
How crazy is it that it’s December? Have we all got an advent calendar? I have two because I’m greedy… also because I got one for home and then we got given free one at work. I can complain about many parts of my job but the freebie advent calendar is not one of those things. I am totally weirded out that it’s December already because this year has passed far faster than expected… which isn’t a bad thing when you think of some of the shit which has gone down this year.

Anyway, what have I been up to this week? I had a chilled start to the week, I had a couple of days off and did a little TV watching, reading and general chilling and I loved it. Then I went back to work and that was the same as usual, not much to report on that front.

It has gotten crazy cold over the past few days here. I was not ready. I still need to buy boots which are work appropriate so my toes don’t drop off. And I need some more cardigans and cosy jumpers so I can layer up. And I seriously need to get a new coat since my zip is broken on mine. So yeah, a whole lot of winter shopping needs to be done now because of this stupid cold weather, but then I get into work and it’s like a tropical climate walking through the doors. It leaves me very confused as to how I should dress.

Annoyingly I have been struck down with a cold after my few days off of work. I completely blame my friend, she didn’t warn me she had the lurgy before we travelled down for the wedding last week and so her germs infected me on the car journey. I have told her already she should be ashamed of her malicious attack. Shockingly she just rolled her eyes at me.

What I’ve Been Reading

22839894237666231. A Court of Wings and Ruin
It’s another slow reading week but I am reading a series and some of these books have a lot of pages. I had previously vowed to abandon all hope on Sarah J Maas books because I have seen so many bad reviews for them after I fell behind. I had the first and second book in The Court of Thorns and Roses series sat on my shelf, though. I had already spoiled myself and was looking for some easy reading Sunday and so I picked up A Court of Thorns and Roses. It was just as slow to start as I remembered but it was as addictive as I remembered once it got going. The same thing happened with A Court of Mist and Fury. It was slow going and could have been edited a little so it wasn’t so long but I was there for Feyre and her romantic drama. And then I started A Court of Wings and Ruin and it’s slow going but the cliffhanger of the second book made me pick up the third.

I have to say, I had way more success getting into these books when I ignored the usual YA categorising which goes on with it and enjoyed it as a fantasy romance series instead. It’s making me think about categorising books and genre categories and I can feel a discussion post brewing from that.

New To Me

ArtemisThe City of BrassGoldenhand33857632Heart's BloodUsStalking Jack The Ripper
So, I shopped and I am totally cool with that. I may not always be brilliant at reading books but I am awesome at getting them. I obviously got the third book in the series I’m reading, and Amazon was doing a 3 for £10 offer so I figured why not? I have been meaning to get Goldenhand for a good long while and when I saw Letters to the Lost I just had to, I enjoyed that book a whole lot when I read it at the start of the year. And then there were my Illumicrate books, I totally knew that Artemis was coming and I cannot wait to start that and I also got a physical ARC of The City of Brass which is out in the UK in January so I cannot wait to read this… I mean I already have an e-ARC of it but I want to read it so bad (Danya, Nick, come on guys, this should happen, right?). And then a few ebooks were purchased as well. Basically, I have spending problems before Christmas. I keep using books and purchases for myself as rewards for doing other stuff. Yes, I do use a reward system on myself, and what?

What have you been up to this week? Any awesome reads, or have you gone back to a book you’d previously written off like me? And am I the only person who uses a reward system on themself?
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