Monthly Wrap Up // November 2017

30 November 2017

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Hi guys, welcome to the end of another month. I have been absent a bit this month and it sucks but sometimes real life invades. I’ve had plenty going on in my real life: friends getting married; Christmas shopping to be done; and moving my nan into a care home. Real life has been busy and we now need to begin the lengthy process of packing her things up and arrange selling the house so it’s not over yet.

It has been a good month, though. I may not have blogged much or read as much as usual but I honestly have felt good this month, just not blogging wise. I’ve actually felt a little disconnected of late from the whole book community (or at least the little corner I visit) so that’s been a bit disheartening. I’ve got a list of things I want to in the run up to the end of the year, though. Fingers crossed the sprint to the end of the year means I start to get a bit involved again.

Has anyone else started thinking about their reading/blogging challenges for next year? I have, I started thinking about it in mid-November and now have a personal reading challenge all written out. Hopefully my book prompts will help encourage me to pick up a few books from my shelves. I know it might be a bit early to think of next year but I’m already beginning a month of wrapping up 2017 so it’s no surprise I’m thinking of next year.

Can’t Stop Listening

New Year's Eve – Taylor Swift
Immigrant Song – Led Zeppelin
(why yes, I did go see Thor and I have been playing this on repeat, how could you tell?)
Golden Slumbers – Elbow
(Does it look like I care that this years John Lewis advert isn’t a total tear jerker? It’s still cute and I love this song)

November Reads

Completely7. Burn For You
Favourites: Completely // Burn For You
2328169011761452Christmas With Her Millionaire Boss29868612Flame in the MistMister Hockey

I haven’t read as much but I did still have a few favourites. I mean, not as many favourites as I might like but two romances certainly hit the mark for me.

November Posts

November Links

No links this month. I’ve read brilliant posts but I’ve failed to save any so I apologise. I’ll do better to wrap up the end of the year, I promise.

Reading Challenges

Guys, I have forgotten to include my reading challenges for the past three months or so. I have made no progress apart from on my discussion posts (yay) and so I won’t even bother including them. I’ll have a round up of challenges and resolutions next month and I’m feeling lazy… also I stopped caring about all but my discussion posts because they are really fun to write (expect my ideas keep coming and I don’t write them down and then they’re gone forever!).

And that is my November. It’s been hectic and crazy and a whole bunch of being forgetful. How has your month been? Everyone else shocked the end of the year is fast approaching?
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