Sunday Summary // 26.11.2017

26 November 2017

Sunday Summary
I am exhausted guys. I am typing this Saturday night after getting back from the wedding of one of my best friends. It was stunning, such a lovely day. I am utterly exhausted now, though. I woke up hungover this morning after having a totally amazing night with my friends. I saw some faces I haven’t seen since I finished school and had a great old party. We danced and drank until late in the night and then managed to make our way back to the hotel. There was a free bar so my one friend got a little messy but we all had such a great time celebrating our friend's marriage. She looked beautiful. I learnt as well that a tipi wedding in November is great except you have to go outside to go to the toilet and hot damn does it get cold. As long as you dance a lot you don’t notice, though.

So yeah, I am exhausted after this weekend and I cannot wait to sleep in my own bed and just relax. I have a full day planned on Sunday, though, so I’m glad I have Monday and Tuesday off of work. I plan to relax in my pyjamas and get some online Christmas shopping done. It will be awesome.

This week has been busy in preparing for the wedding so I haven’t done a whole lot of reading. Or anything else really. I’m behind on all things blog related so I will catch up with you guys soon. I am not writing any posts (apart from a wrap-up post for the month) next week while I catch up with things. I’ve got some time off work and I plan to use it well.

What I’ve Been Reading

29868612Mister Hockey
I’ve been slowing down with reading this week as I’ve been busy but I enjoyed Mister Hockey. I think I’ll really love the second book, Head Coach, the characters were introduced in this book and they seem like they will be awesome together. And I’m continuing to read A Life in Parts. It’s really interesting. I’m loving dipping in and out as I have time.

New To Me

This Mortal CoilHead Coach
There are a few new books, but not many. I went shopping last Sunday to start my Christmas shopping, I actually bought nothing Christmas related but I got a few gift ideas and got a book and a couple of wedding related things so it wasn’t a total failure. I bought This Mortal Coil after seeing Kelly’s review for it and I am so excited to read! I also pre-ordered Head Coach after finishing Mister Hockey and so I’ll be picking that up soon.

What have you all been up to? Isn’t it great how things like weddings help you get back in touch with old friends? It also really made me want to read some wedding romances, any recs?
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