Sunday Summary // 19.11.2017

19 November 2017

Sunday Summary
It's Sunday once more. I have to say this week has dragged. It began slowly and progressed slowly and it’s left me feeling very meh about everything because I’ve been tired and it’s been cold so I’ve not wanted to leave the house and with the clocks changing a while back I realise I experience very little daylight. I leave the house and it’s still dark outside, it’s only just light as I get to work and then I leave work and the sun has set a good hour or so ago. I don’t really leave the office during the day because we’re on an industrial estate and there are no shops in walking distance which I can get to in the half hour I have for lunch so I think my lack of sunlight has been getting me down a bit. I do love the colder days, though, but I’m struggling to find a good thick coat to keep me warm if it gets arctic over Winter.

Apart from my weather and long week grumbles, it’s been a decent week. I realised it was my only full working week this month, every other week I’ve had time off so that may be why I’ve been a bit down this week. We have all decided to go to our Christmas party with work, though. Me and the other person who has worked on my team thought we should probably go this year. The food is all kinds of pretentious again but hopefully, it’ll be edible. And there’ll be free alcohol, and no one can say no to that, even if we will have work the next morning.

I have a friends wedding next week and it’s the first of my close friends to get married so scary! I am excited, though. It should be fun but it involves a road trip down to the venue. I will be having another quiet week on the blog since I’ll be gone Thursday to Saturday but it’s getting to the Christmas period so it’s totally cool for me to do that I think.

What I’ve Been Reading

29868612Flame in the Mist7. Burn For You
I can’t even claim I’m in a slump lately, I’m just not feeling a strong urge to read which kind of sucks but it’s okay. I’ll just have to deal with a backlog of books at some point. I have been enjoying everything I’ve been reading this week, though, and I deem that a success. It’s not too often I like every book I’ve been reading, which is good. I’ve been reading Bryan Cranston’s book ever since my brother returned it to me and I have to say, I see why he was slow reading it. it’s the kind of book broken up into small sections so you can dip in and out as you please and I quite like that. I read one of my old ARCs, Flame in the Mist, and I actually really enjoyed it. I saw a couple of negative reviews and wrote it off as a book I wouldn’t like… I was wrong. I do want to read some of the history that’s the background for Flame in the Mist now, though. And Burn For You is a rec from Nick an she was so right. A fake relationship and New Orleans are a recipe made in heaven.

New To Me

Mister HockeyPlay One7. Burn For You
Just a few new books this week. Yay! And they’re all romance brought onto my radar because of Nick (she’s pretty much the only place I get romance recs now).

What have you been up to this week? Anyone else finding themself slowing down a bit in the run-up to Christmas?
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