Sunday Summary // 05.11.2017

05 November 2017

Sunday Summary
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That’s right guys, it’s Bonfire Night tonight! For us in the UK that means bonfires, fireworks, and usually burning a Guy Fawkes on the bonfire. Although we also like to burn folks right along with Guy Fawkes, I’ve seen one bonfire in Kent is burning an effigy of Harvey Weinstein, Trump got burned last year. Anyway, I’m looking forward to sitting in my pyjamas with the lights off and seeing the fireworks out of my window. I had my outdoor bonfire fun on Friday night. I went to the same bonfire I did last year and me and my friend had a great time. They had a bar and food stalls and a DJ on so we had a drink and then danced in a field (we may have been the only ones dancing outside of the children). It was great as we only had one drink before realising that was a bad decision as our hands got cold so we danced sober in a field. The fireworks were very pretty and the bonfire was warm. I will definitely try and go again next year.

Work is getting busier again so I’m glad I’ve got some holiday booked over the next couple of months to give me a break. I have plans on my days off but I am looking forward to the rest. I mentioned last week we’re looking to get my nan in a home, I am thrilled that the home near to us is willing to keep a room for her and think she’d be suitable to move in. They’re only concern is how my nan will be told about the move so we’ve got to plan how best to broach the subject with her. She has little choice (in the kindest possible way, the money is simply gone so this is our only solution) but I know she will not be happy with the lack of choice. We’re hoping the fact she will be closer to us and that we can visit more frequently will help persuade her. Keep your fingers crossed for us.

I actually gave myself a long weekend this weekend, I was off Friday and I have Monday off, I’m trying to get organised for my friend's wedding and also do that thing no one wishes to talk about (Christmas shopping). I haven’t successfully shopped at all yet but the thought is there. I did get my haircut for the wedding, though! And they cut it to the right length for once, it’s shorter than I usually have it and I really love it. I definitely need to try and keep putting in the effort to getting it cut regularly because this once every six months business is not working for me and my hair.

I also got myself organised Saturday. We have family coming round on Sunday so I knew I had to make the house look less like a bomb has gone off, more specifically in my room. I vacuumed, dusted and chucked stuff out. I also took a long hard look at my shelves and my unread books. I’ve created a pile of last chance books (yes, more of them). Much like my ARCs, I am going to read between 10% and 25% and if I’m not interested after that they are going to a better home. I also need to find a better home for all of my no longer want books. Maybe more Twitter swaps? Or I might start my own Depop, that could work.

What I’ve Been Reading

But Then I Came Back15. The Scot Beds His WifeDuke with benefitsJuniper Lemon's Happiness IndexCompletely23281690
Yes, guys, I did read six books this week. One was a skim read to the finish and another a DNF, but I attempted to read six whole books! That’s pretty damn impressive for me. But Then I Came Back was good, I enjoyed it way more than expected. The Scot Beds His Wife was the skim read and Duke With Benefits the DNF. I am slowly tackling my overflowing ARC piles though! I was surprised how much I enjoyed Juniper Lemon’s Happiness Index, I think because I’d attempted two books from my ARC pile I didn’t enjoy I was expecting a repeat experience. It wasn’t an original YA but I really enjoyed it regardless. Completely was a guilt read from Nick and I think her for it because it was so good. I can now swoon over Kal. I then began rereading The Shattered Court because I have The Forbidden Heir ARC and I am excited but remember very little of the story!

New To Me

Chasing CrazyLady of MagickNeandertahl Seeks HumanDefeneslessWish You Were HereAlmost Midnight
My shopping looks terrible, doesn’t it? Chasing Crazy I had to get when it went down to 99p, I’ve been interested in reading for a while and decided to say screw it and buy. Lady of Magick I also got on sale, and I may not have read the first one but I am pretty certain I’ll love it (I hope) so figured might as well make sure my Kindle is stocked up with the second. I got two freebies, Neanderthal Seeks Human was free and Defenseless way my Kindle First book of the month. I loved the first couple of Renee Carlino books I read so when I saw Wish You Were Here on sale I immediately bought a copy. And I adore Rainbow Rowell so I preordered Almost Midnight even though I have both short stories already. The book is sparkly! How could I not?
Christmas With Her Millionaire BossNo Place Like YouThe Forbidden HeirLucy's Book Club For The Lost And FoundA Distant HeartA Winter's Tale
I admit, I got a little ARC happy. I finished (or DNF) a few and I got all excited at Netgalley again. Oops? I also requested The Forbidden Heir form the author when I saw the email about bloggers getting review copies, I loved the first book, how could I not? I am excited for all of these, and it is all romance heavy, but I am totally in the mood for that right now. Fingers crossed for me reading all of these. I am on an ARC quest for the end of the year. I can do it!

And that is my week. I feel like I’ve been really productive this week guys. What have you been reading? Anyone else had a surprisingly productive week?
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