Sunday Summary // 12.11.2017

12 November 2017

Sunday Summary
Once more it is Sunday. I had a less relaxing weekend this weekend as I had a normal weekend, no two day weekend. I also had numerous errands to run Saturday which is always a drag because all I really want to do is sit and play video games and listen to Reputation on repeat. Like, I am obsessed with Taylor Swift’s new album right now. I know, I should be embarrassed but just try and stop me. Teenage me would be utterly ashamed of current me’s taste in music.

I’ve recently rediscovered my PlayStations and I love it. I discovered that Final Fantasy IX has been released on PS4 and I was all over buying that (after my brother convinced me as it had a couple of extra modes added in) and it was the best/worst decision. I know everyone raves about the genius of Final Fantasy VII and that is an amazing game, but 9 will always be my favourite as it’s the first FF game I played properly as a kid. The one where I learnt to play and follow the story and really enjoyed it. I then spent several hours playing over the past week and I am totally in love. Who needs to read books anyway? I am so loving playing an old favourite and they have FFVII so that may be purchased next, because who wants to play new games when you can replay old ones?

I saw the new Thor film this week and I am in love! I adored it. It was so funny and totally fitting to reboot a character without actually recasting and redoing it and Thor needed this film because he was the boring avenger. Loki was more interesting a character than Thor ever was, but now I want to rewatch the marvel universe films because of reasons but I don’t own any of them and I wouldn’t be able to figure out what order to watch them in. Release order, maybe? I need to get these films!

And that is my week. Nothing exciting really but lots of wanting to return to old favourites. We did go to the care home and pick a room for my nan, and we have a moving date for her so hopefully it all goes smoothly. I honestly want her to be happy there and the nurse we spoke to was so lovely and really made me feel happy with our choice. The social worker has said when she moves they’d rather we hold off visiting too much for the first week so she can get used to the staff. My mom says she might pop by and see how she is and see if anything is needed, though. I’ll be away so I probably won’t be able to visit until a few days after she has moved in anyway.

Also, I won a competition. Two in fact! I got an ebook of Lauren Layne’s latest, An Ex For Christmas which I can’t wait to start reading. And more exciting, a little while back I won a Lucy Parker competition and got a signed copy of Pretty Face and it arrived yesterday and it’s awesome! She even sent me some chocolate and I thought Lucy Parker couldn’t do anything which would make me like her more but she has!

What I’ve Been Reading

11761452Christmas With Her Millionaire Boss
Erm… it’s been a slow week? I honestly can’t settle on a book. I tried reading Burn Mark (from my pile of last chance books which have lurked far too long on my shelves) and I just couldn’t connected. And then I picked up Christmas With He Millionaire Boos expecting a quick fun read. And it was fun and totally seasonally appropriate… but I didn’t finish it anywhere near as quickly as I’d hoped. In fact, I’ve probably read more fanfic this week than actual books.

New To Me

The Last NamsaraI Temporarily DoOnce Upon a Rose23276983Morning Star
I realise my new books far outweigh my read books, but I can’t resist a good deal! And all of these were part of a deal and a girl has to stock up their Kindle! No, I know. No excuse but I’m going to be going on a ban soon for Christmas.

What have you been up to this week? Has anyone else seen the new Thor and wants to flail with me?
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