Sunday Summary // 14.01.2018

14 January 2018

Sunday Summary
Guys, why didn’t you tell me I put the wrong date on my Sunday post last week? It just demonstrates how much I’d lost track of time when I wasn’t working (and also when I was). I was also so bone achingly tired I actually slept for 11 hours Saturday night so I need to remember to sleep more obviously.

This week has been another calm week where I have continued the planning of my nan’s funeral. We had to have it a little later than we’d hoped as my great uncle is going some treatment at the hospital so we don’t want to clash with his treatment. It does mean we’ve got a little bit more time for decision making. In fact, the only thing we have left to decide on is who the bearers will be and what music to play at the start and end of the service. They aren’t major decisions but the decisions are still hard to make. We also met with the reverend who will be doing the service and I cried all over the poor woman. She was perfectly lovely, though, so that made me feel better. And she had adorable little dogs as well so I spent a lot of time bonding with them. I am a dog person it seems (unless someone has cats then I am a cat person… I like animals).

One good thing about this week is my mom discovered a budget airline who does flights to New York. We’re hoping to take a short 5 night trip to New York in September and I’m so excited! I’ve never been to New York and I’ve always wanted to visit so it should be awesome. I definitely needed something to look forward to this year and I hope to buy a few books while I’m there as there are a couple of books I’ve not gotten as they simply aren’t out over here. Anyway, I have spent a whole lot of time looking at things online but I need to sort out both my passport and the dates we’re actually going so I can start planning what I want to do when we get there.

What I’ve Been Reading

Once more, I have read just one book this week. I finished of Wold by Wolf and I have now started Blood for Blood. Goodreads is reminding me I am two books behind schedule (rude really) but I’ve been busy starting a rewatch of all 12 seasons of Bones so I’ve been busy. I’ve enjoyed the two books I’ve read so far this year and I’m kind of liking the slow leisurely reading pace… I may end up amending my reading goal if this is how my reading year goes.

New To Me

Second Chance SummerThis Song Will Save Your Life23361244Sisters Red
So, I had grand plans this year and fate seemed to work against me a little. I didn’t intend to buy any books this week but one of my local book shops has a discount books section and I ended up walking out with 4 books for £13. I couldn’t resist. I can justify this by the simple fact that I have read three of these books before and the fourth was a hardback, who can say no to a hardback?
I See YouSecrets of the Lighthouse
I also got given two books by a cousin and whilst they aren’t my usual reading fare they do look interesting and I struggle saying no to books. They were only going to the charity shop anyway, I figured I’d read them before they got there (and maybe take a few of my own there as well).
The Duchess Deal
And finally, I got one RC this week. I don’t even feel bad about not sticking to the whole no ARC thing because I finally have the new Tessa Dare book to read! I really cannot wait, that is actually my next read.

What have you been up to this week? Am I the only one already planning a holiday even though I’ve barely started this year?
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