My Blogging Problems // No Pressure and Fewer Expectations (It’s OK To Be A Bad Blogger)

17 January 2018

My Blogging Problems
So this post is going up a week later than intended and it’s not even going up on the day I intended but it’s getting posted and if that isn’t a prime example of what I’m trying to say with this post then I don’t know what is.
No Pressure
This is the time of the year when we start creating expectations for the year. We decide on the challenges we wish to take part in for the coming year and we make resolutions for ourselves as we have once more started a new year and as a whole, we create expectations for ourselves. This then leads to us putting pressure on ourselves towards the end of the year and for some, it can cause undue stress.

I am here to tell you that we need to stop doing that to ourselves! We might not complete a challenge but that is ok! Unless you know you can take the pressure don’t push yourself to do something just because that’s the thing bloggers do. Don’t set yourself a high Goodreads total if it’ll stress you out when you fall behind (why does that website feel the need to rub it in when you’re behind… I know I’m two books behind don’t keep telling me it just pisses me off). Also, don’t take on a bunch of challenges if you don’t think you can keep up (or don’t announce you’re participating in a challenge so the only person who will know if you don’t complete a goal is you then, it still sucks but less pressure).

One of my goals for the year is apologising less. I am late in posting always (although I don’t have a schedule so the only person who knows I’m late is me until I let you guys know that fact too). I think this is something we all need to learn. Less pressure. Fewer expectations. And no more apologising. 2018 is the year of being ok with what we can do. I’m all for stretching yourself and challenging yourself but no more shall we lost sleep over things. I know I’m making it sounds simple, I know I still feel annoyed when a post isn’t ready when I hoped and continually want to apologise when I’m not doing what I want to be doing as a blogger but I am trying and so I want this to be the reminder that it’s ok to be a bad blogger… I know Nereyda said that one best here. Even so, it’s true, we all suck at blogging sometimes and we all suck at reading and I know we all fail at challenges from time to time but it’s totally ok. The only person making you think otherwise is yourself so make this the year you’re nicer to yourself about these things, ok?

Anyone else stress themselves out over challenges and blog goals and question why they’re doing it? Who’s with me in being ok with failing?
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