Sunday Summary // 21.01.2018

21 January 2018

Sunday Summary
Welcome to another Sunday. It feels a little weird doing this post this week because I’ve not spent a lot of time around book blogs and I’ve not been reading as much this week.

I have been crazy busy organising a funeral and working. Tomorrow is the day we lay my nan to rest and at this point I am kind of glad it’s soon going to be over (at least this part). We’ve scrubbed the house down and organised the furniture for folks to come to the house so all we have left to do is some shopping and cooking so folks can have nibbles. I know it will be nice to see my family, especially as my great uncle will be there from London so I will see family I get to see once in a blue moon. I am dreading what comes next. I love sorting through old things but I’d much prefer her being there to tell us the stories of some of the things she has kept.

Now we’ve talked about the downer stuff let’s talk about cheerier things. It was a fun week at work. We had a whole heap of birthdays so we’ve been drowning in cake and chocolate (which I love, can never have too much chocolate). It’s been a week of relaxing and working hard and it’s been nice. It’s been the first month in a while where I don’t spend my time running around work like a headless chicken and it’s so nice guys! I forgot work could be fun.

What I’ve Been Reading

The Duchess Deal29544477
Only two books on here this week and technically one is a DNF. I am all about embracing the DNF, though, and I was definitely not in the right mood for A Change of Heart. I couldn’t get into the angst and utter devastation of one of the MCs and the mystery/thriller element of it. I think I’d tried to read something different to The Duchess Deal (which was totally amazing and I need to review when I can sit in front of my laptop for a little while and get my words down) but it backfired trying to read something different as that wasn’t what I was fancying. I’ve learnt my lesson and I’ll try and read A Change of Heart another day.

New To Me

TwistDaughter of the Burning CityNice Girls Don't Have Fangs
I admit I was a little free with my book buying again this week but I do want to read all of these books. Also, Amazon had the start of their romance sale for Valentine’s Day (I know, they started early!) and a girl need to treat herself when these things happen. I think I’m kind of hoping buying books will help kick start the urge to read and since these are books on my TBR these have to help motivate me to pick up something new, right?

A slower week for me this week guys, what have you all been up to? Anyone else found themself purchasing a few books to kick start their reading?
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