Sunday Summary // 28.01.2018

28 January 2018

Sunday Summary
Oh wow, how is it Sunday again already? This week has seriously flown by and I don’t know where the time has all gone. This week has flown by and part of that has probably been because I’ve been reading again! I have the reading bug and that has made me incredibly happy because I’ve been a bit slump-ish of late. It’s also renewed my love for my Kindle. I have been loving reading the Wallflowers books. You guys should have definitely convinced me to read Lisa Kleypas sooner (thanks Nick and Danya, you guys were right).

I began the week with my nan’s funeral. It was an emotional day but I think we did well. We cooked way too much for the wake after but that was the only thing which went wrong. My brother did everyone proud reading a eulogy at the funeral which really summarised everything which I loved about my nan. It was lovely remembering her with family, and I saw a couple of people I’ve not seen in years. It was really the best day we could have hoped for saying goodbye to her and in some ways it really helped. I will have to wait and see how things go.
Something totally awesome happened this week, though. Nick messaged me about a chance to have afternoon tea with Tessa Dare, Sarah MacLean and Christina Lauren and I was understandably dying to go. I don’t often go to London (or ever) but I could totally make it there. I figured why not? I’ll put my name in to RSVP and see what happens and I got an email saying I have a spot!!! I am so excited. Two of these authors are my favourites and the writing duo that is Christina Lauren is one which I have heard nothing but good things about so I am going to be reading (or rereading) all of the books in preparation. I’m going alone, though, so I am totally nervous. I’ve never met an author before. What do I do?

Anyway, that is basically the highlight of my week. I am just planning out my day trip to London and trying to figure out what I need to do/wear/take with me.

What I’ve Been Reading

112906186. Fables Vol 1 Legends in Exile7. It Happened One Autumn8. The Devil in Winter9. Scandal in Spring
Guys, can you believe how many books I read this week? Me neither, I am so thrilled. Nick finally convinced me to read Secrets of a Summer Night and it was so good so I kind of had to binge read the series and it kept getting better and better. I am currently reading Scandal in Spring and I’ve heard it suffers from following on from The Devil in Winter but as a whole it is still a good book. If you have more historical romance recs let me know. I also had to start rereading the Fables comics because I got to playing The Wolf Among Us and it is awesome. I know the Telltale Games aren’t the best games ever but they’re fun and I am all for getting more of characters I love and I love Bigby. I forgot how great Fables actually is and maybe this time I will actually work my way through the whole series.

New To Me

7. It Happened One Autumn9. Scandal in Spring
The only new books I got are books which I have been reading (success). I do have a couple I might be buying shortly though (blame Amazon and their damn sales). I also have a couple of preorders coming because I am terrible for preordering books (especially romance) and then I forget about it. I think it’s been a good week all things considered when it comes to shopping.

How has your week been? Any advise on how to deal with meeting a favourite author or two? And which books shall I read in preparation?
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