Sunday Summary // 06.01.2018

07 January 2018

Sunday Summary
How is the first week of 2018 over already? I don’t know where time is going, it’s crazy stuff!

The week began well, I stayed home on New Years and finished reading City of Brass and that book is so so good. I think I sat for five hours solid to get it finished. I was only interrupted by my poor dog getting scared by all the fireworks. It was a nice night of relaxing and exactly what I needed as I went back to work Tuesday. It was long and exhausting and I have not enjoyed getting up early in the mornings but it’s nice to return to a routine. I was losing my days over Christmas, I had the problem of continually not knowing what day it was which is always disorientating.

I saw some school friends Friday night and I’ve not had so much fun catching up with folks as I did then. We gossiped about all the people we went to school with and what we’ve heard is going on with them and we caught up on what we were all doing and it was great. I recommend catching up with old friends every so often because it’s so much fun.

Anyway, that is my week. A whole lot of seeing folks and being so very very tired from work and not a lot else. I’ve not even read that much (since fanfiction doesn’t count).

What I’ve Been Reading

Like I said, I’ve not really read all that much lately. I haven’t even finished my first book of 2018 and that’s a reread. Hopefully, I’ll have finished it by the time this post goes up and may even start the sequel (finally).

New To Me

Dating You Hating You
I’m almost breaking even with my reading, I guess. I saw Dating You Hating You on offer for 99p, though. Who could say no to that?

How has your first week of 2018 been? Everyone back to their normal life yet or is it just me?
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