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09 July 2019

Welcome to the first tag I’ve done in a while, and this one is the Mid-Year Freakout Tag which I believe was created by Chami & Ely (at least some Googling tells me that so please feel free to correct me). I got tagged by Tania at The Lovely Secret and she gave me the perfect excuse to look back at the past six months and think about those books that I’ve loved. Also, this is a tag I feel like I’ve seen everyone doing and I want to join in on the fun too!

Before we get on with the tag I figure why not look at what I’ve read so far? Up to today, I have read 69 books including rereads and DNFs.
I mean, my genre breakdowns will surprise no one. I’ve read primarily contemporary romance with a few other genres thrown in (but even then a lot of these will crossover with romance).
And finally, here is the breakdown of my ratings. 1 and 2 stars aren’t included because I’ve had none and 0 stars are actually DNFs (the eagle-eyed few might have spotted that). I am utterly unsurprised by the number of 5 and 4 star reads, I am a very generous rater. Also, I haven’t kept track of half stars here so there is probably more variation,

What is the best book you've read so far in 2019?

Wait for ItLord of Scoundrels
Just one? Don’t be silly. I managed to narrow down my choices simply by not including books that I’ve featured on other questions but honestly, it was difficult! I’ve made a shelf with my favourites on Goodreads just to make it easier. I aspire to have all of the shelves and be insanely organised I think,

What has been your favourite sequel in the first half of the year?

Can I count the whole of the Lady Sherlock series as a favourite sequel? I’m going to because that whole series (so far) has been spectacular and I cannot wait for the next book (please see later questions).

And I’ll also include The Austen Playbook because Lucy Parker always deserves some recognition. I adore that book and I will happily talk about it to anyone I meet.

Is there a new release that you haven't read yet but you're really excited about?

These are the two releases I thought of instantly. I had the dates written down, my preorder in as soon as I saw them and genuinely counted down to 2019 for their release. Then promptly did everything I could to avoid reading them

What is your most anticipated release for the second half of the year?

I am sure I have forgotten a few titles but these are some that immediately sprang to mind so they must be the ones I’m most excited for, right?

What is your biggest disappointment so far?

I will be forever sad I DNF-ed this one. I so wanted to like my first read from Talia Hibbert but this book I just could not get into it. Everything about it did not work for me. I am not giving up on her work, though. The next book I read from her will be the one.

What is your biggest surprise so far?

Honestly, this was an impulse buy for me. I had seen it on Twitter but I hadn’t read the reviews and knew little about it but after reading the back cover I thought it could work. As I’ve mentioned before, I almost left this on the shelf but ran back for it before I got to the till and I have absolutely no regrets.

Who is your favourite new to you, or debut author?

I feel like I’ve discovered some truly brilliant authors this year but these are three authors I know will be on my favourites list for a long time. Mia Vincy was a surprise with her debut A Wicked Kind of Husband and I have been checking back constantly to find out when I can get my hands on her next book. Olivia Dade came out of nowhere with Teach Me for me and I’ve never been so happy at a Twitter book discovery. And then there’s Therese Beharrie who wrote an absolutely brilliant book and who was an author I could have easily missed on the Mills and Boon shelf so I am glad Nick started talking about her books.

A book that made you cry?

I had to think long on hard about a book which made me cry. I cry so very easily and thought it would be easy to pick a book that made me cry but looking back I struggled to think of one which had me really emotional until I saw Next Year in Havana. This book had me feeling all of the emotions.

A book that made you happy?

It is difficult to choose different books each time! But this book did leave me feeling warm and fuzzy at the end. Jenn Bennett truly is a genius giving my joy with each new release (and don’t think I’ve forgotten about her old releases that I want to read too).

Your favourite book to film/TV show that you've seen so far?

Have I told you guys about my love for the book Good Omens? I feel like I haven’t, but I read a few years ago and loved it and convinced my brother to read it too (by buying a copy as a gift, obviously) and have found no one else to read it since. When I heard they were doing a TV series I was excited, and then when I saw who was starring in it I was even more excited. And then I watched it and it’s such a good adaptation and it was so much fun to watch. It kept to the book so well. I was truly impressed by it.

What is your favourite post that you've written so far this year?

Honestly? I have liked most of the posts that I’ve done but I really don’t have a favourite. There hasn’t been a discussion post that stood out as a favourite and although I’ve enjoyed writing my reviews I wouldn’t be able to say one of those either. I think every post I’ve managed to get up this year has been a favourite since I’ve been in and out of a blogging funk. Any post which goes live is a small miracle and I’m just happy folks are still stopping by.

What is the most beautiful book that you've bought?

I mean, I’ve not bought that many books lately. At least not physical books, and they really are what I think of when I think of pretty books since I rarely see the cover of ebooks. I did buy The Austen Playbook recently and there is nothing prettier than seeing a series on your shelf together. So maybe that?

What are six books you want to read by the end of the year?

Kill The Queen
I mean, there are definitely more than six books I want to read by the end of the year. But I looked at my recent purchases and the books I can see on my shelf and these are 6 books I hope to get to soon. They are a mix and I already think The Rest of the Story and Famous in a Small Town will be making a beach trip with me next month but I thought these are the books I currently want to read.

Have you looked back at the year so far? What have been some of your favourite reads? And what are you most looking forward to reading next?
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