Sunday Summary // 28.07.2019

28 July 2019

I’ve had a whole week where I’ve not posted. I’m actually gonna apologise this time, but my excuses are strong.

Firstly, we had a heatwave in the UK (in case you haven’t heard about it) and the thought of sitting at my laptop and typing was just too much. I had posts I wanted to write, but I just couldn’t do it. It got to like 34C+ and I spent most evening not sleeping and sweating in our living room hoping a breeze would come through the windows. I hate being overly warm and that definitely happened this week. I did get full use out of my shiny new Doc Martens sandals, though. They were a life saver and so damn comfy. I definitely need to get some more warm weather clothing, though.

Secondly, I was doing a fun run on Saturday so I was kind of getting ready for that. But then it absolutely chucked it down the day of the race and I was utterly soaked on the day. It was a 5k fun run with inflatable obstacles along the way. It was an absolute laugh, the guys I did it with were great. I did get soaked to the bone and we took a trip to McDonald’s afterwards but don’t rain on my parade!

Apart from those things my week has been quiet. I was knackered because of my lack of sleep from the hot weather. I’ve mostly spent my time watching Stranger Things (I ugly cried a the season 3 ending) and contemplating 80s fashion and whether or not a perm would be worth it (don’t worry, I talk myself down from that one, perms went out of fashion and I don’t care what they say about perms of today, still not worth it if you don’t like it). And then I started watching The Boys. It’s an interesting take on super heroes and I am enjoying it.

What I’ve Been Reading

I got tempted in by the red this week and let me tell you, historical romance definitely was what I was craving. Dreaming of You was a library borrow and I loved it (I will fight Nick for Derek Craven) and The Duchess War? It’s been on my Kindle for donkeys years it was definitely time to read and hot damn! Why have I been sleeping on reading me some Courtney Milan?

New To Me

Wicked and the Wallflower

Just a few new acquisitions this week (yep, because I want my book buying to sound like I’ve acquired something big like a business). I ordered First & Then and Wicked and the Wallflower a little while ago, they’re used library books from Better World Books and so they may not be brilliant for those bookstagram photos folks like to take but as long as they have the same story in them I’m all good. And Iron and Magic was a Kindle daily deal, I know I’ll be reading at some point so thought I better buy it while I can.

How has your week been? Any good books? And am I alone in hating a heatwave?

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