Sunday Summary // 07.07.2019

07 July 2019

Wow, I can’t believe how long it’s been since I’ve properly wrapped up my week for you guys. I feel a little rusty with this whole update business so you’ll have to bear with me.

I feel like all the major things I covered in my May/June wrap up post. I’ve not done too much exciting. Last weekend I was on Bongo’s Bingo and having a great time drinking, dancing on tables and attempting to win me a cardboard cut of David Attenborough. I’ve booked tickets to go with a few folks from work again because it was the best night out that had me tucked up in bed for midnight (yet still with a hangover the next day) so I can’t wait. That’s not until next month. I spent my Sunday hungover and then went shopping with a friend. She was holiday shopping and I was majorly jealous, but I still treated myself to a couple of things, even though I should have after buying my Dr Martens sandals. As I explained to my brother on Twitter, I wanted to hate them so I could have the money back for buying them and no longer eye them up online all the time… but I love my new sandals and so I will be buying the most expensive sandals forever more. But my feet will be happy.

What else has happened this week? Well, I spent this Saturday doing some cleaning and tidying. I’ve finally got some room on a shelf for some of the candles I own. I feel like I’ve not been able to burn any candles in a long while so it’s nice to use some of my surplus of candles for something. I just had to get rid of the random rubbish I had littering my shelf I honestly didn’t need on there. I now have a lovely scented candle burning away and making my room smell nice and fresh. I’ve ordered some things to try and get my shelves organised and hopefully sort the show mountain I’ve developed as well. This weekend is all about tidying and organising things I think. It’s probably why I’m browsing online trying to find something to wear to a wedding I’m going to next month. I don’t know much about what kind of ceremony it will be but I do know it’s in Cornwall and I’m hoping the weather will be warm. I’m thinking a nice dress and maybe sandals (no heels, my poor feet won’t take it).

What I’ve Been Reading

I was going to include all the books I’ve read of late, but isn’t that what my wrap up post was for? These are the two books I have been and am reading. I bought The Last Wolf in NYC and I’m glad I did. This is an interesting take on werewolves and I loved it. I was a little disappointed at first but by about a quarter of the way in I was fully invested and am glad to have a copy on my shelf. The Iron Duke is a reread and I’m enjoying it. I was in the mood for historical with a bit more action and this seemed like the perfect middle ground.

New To Me

I’ve got a couple of ARCs the past couple of weeks. I am so psyched for the latest book from Ainslie Paton, she always does good stuff and so you know I’m excited to read The Mysterious Stranger. And I got The Wallflower Wager for review from Mills and Boon (yes, this is the UK cover) and I am always excited to read Tessa Dare.
And new books? Well, it was the 1st of the month which means new Kindle monthly deals so I got a little spend happy with Kindle books. I am happy with all of my purchases, though. I mean, all of them are books which are on my radar and have been on my ‘I should buy it’ list for a while so I’m pleased. Now I just wish I’d been reading as many books as I have been buying. First world problems, right?

How has your week been? Any brilliant purchases or a book you need to talk about?
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