Sunday Summary // 14.07.2019

14 July 2019

When you’re all reading this I’ll probably be playing on my shiny new Nintendo Switch. I blame my brother completely, I was meant to be saving that money… but he tempted me by playing Zelda and Breath of the Wild just looked so good! And then Youtube videos happened… and well the rest was history. I made a special trip to the store and walked out poorer but I had a blast playing for a few hours Saturday afternoon.  And I found there was a reason I have Amazon Prime and that was to get Twitch prime (no, I don’t understand Twitch, I’m not that kind of gamer, please enlighten me) and one of the benefits was free Nintendo Online for my Switch so I get to remember how impossibly hard those old NES games are (if you don’t know what I’m talking about you either didn’t play videogames or you’re going to make me feel old because you’re too young to remember the NES. I mean, it was released before I was born but I remember having one in the house). Have I even mentioned I’m a gamer on here? I’m not hardcore and actually hate playing online because I am so painfully shy and hate the thought of interacting with strangers online. But yeah, I basically grew up playing one game another (not well, but I’ve always enjoyed myself).

Now, I’m not going to sugar coat it. This week at work has been tough! Nothing has gone particularly wrong but there is a very obvious decline in the workload we have and that is never a good sign. This might be the push which I need, but I kind of hoped it would be my decision. I’ll keep you posted. But if you find me asking for CV tips you know why.

But on to cheerier things…. I got nothing. This has actually been the slowest week. Work is dead. I’ve done nothing interesting in my free time. And I come home from work and I’m just knackered. I’m trying to get back into the blogging routine, though. I’m not pushing myself but I’m trying to turn my laptop on a couple of nights a week when I can to try and free up my weekends for other things. I’m just struggling to get into a routine for writing new posts. I’m also struggling with reading, when I find a good book there is nothing better than reading but I’m like a lost puppy once I finish a good book. I’m there picking up all the other books like ‘are you going to be my next read?’ and that’s never fun. I’m probably putting too much pressure on myself to read but it’s hard not to. I’m almost tempted to do a Julia Quinn reread since the internet has blown up with the casting news (I love the casting of everyone, have you seen Simon and Anthony? I mean damn, I need to fan myself looking at pictures of them).

What I’ve Been Reading

Like I said, I’ve been struggling with figuring out what to read next. I started Tessa Dare's latest release as soon it was delivered onto my Kindle pretty much and then was stuck on what to read next. I’ve picked up and put down so many books but nothing has clicked for me. I picked up Lauren Layne's latest release with high hopes it would be the perfect book for me... and then had to DNF at 20% because I just couldn't with the MC. I just found her annoying and wanted to slap her and her privilege. She was a walking stereotype trying to pretend she wasn't but she really was. She just needed a tiny dog carried around in her handbag and I'd have been having flashbacks to White Chicks. 

New To Me

Just two new additions to the shelf this week (although, some might say that’s two too many). I ordered A Scot in the Dark last week on impulse when browsing Better World Books. It’s a used library copy so it’s got stickers on it and a slightly battered cover but it’s got character. Also, I have committed to buying US editions of all of Sarah MacLean’s books so I’ll work with what’s available to me. And The Prenup was an impulse buy after seeing the newest Lauren Layne release over on Rowena’s blog. It didn't work out so that'll teach me and my impulse buying ways but what can you do?

What have you been reading lately? And since I got onto the topic of gaming, are there any games you like to play/have played?
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