Sunday Summary // 21.07.2019

21 July 2019

Hi guys. Where has this week gone? I feel like it’s flown by in a blur of Legend of Zelda and sleeping. I mean, most weeks are a variation of this, but this one seemed more so somehow.

This week one of my best friends finally returned from her summer holiday (it felt like she had been gone forever) and it was so nice catching up with her Thursday. It felt like we didn’t stop talking and I admit I feel like my throat was getting a bit croaky towards the end. Three hours of solid talking is too much! I also finally managed to pin down some other friends and we’ve planned to catch up over food… in September. We really struggle to arrange a date that four of us can manage. But we have plans finally! Pretty sure we’ve not all met up together since February/March time. We are that bad! I’m excited both for the food, but also for us all to catch up. I foresee another epic chatting session where we’re all talked out by the end and questioning why it even takes us that long to meet up.

I still haven’t found the book to properly get me into the reading spirit. But I have finished a couple of books this week (after picking up and putting down several others). I also learnt one of the libraries I’m a member of has gotten Overdrive for its online lending library. Yep, I said one of them. I am this person who seems to join libraries all over the place just so I can get the online benefits and have the option of borrowing books if I need to. Don’t tell anyone! But I’ve finally got access to ebooks I’m actually interested in! It’s where the single book I’ve finished this week was found. I’ve got a million more books borrowed and let’s not forget audiobooks to entertain me when we’re sat around with very little work to do at work. Because yes I am still employed… but we still have no work. I’m looking at my options and we’ll see guys. We will see.

Like I said, it has been a dull week. I honestly have no stories to tell. I feel like I should but I got nothing.

What I’ve Been Reading

This week’s reading has been all romance (do you really expect anything less from me?) but I did really like both. The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie has been on my to-buy list for a while but I just wasn’t willing to pay £6.49 for an ebook copy. Especially when I’d read nothing from the author before. You can imagine my excitement when I found it browsing the romance shelf on Overdrive and it was available. I read it in a single day and stayed up too late finishing it Sunday night. I then didn’t find another book to read until Saturday when I got Desire and the Deep Blue Sea and despite the short length I still took forever for me to finish. It was a book that proved Olivia Dade’s skill and reminded me why I’m glad I’ve discovered her writing.

New To Me

You’d think in a slump I’d be getting fewer books… but I don’t understand such concepts. I mean, I’m not including all the books I’ve borrowed and not read on Overdrive, but there are a few of them too. But I am including the ones I’ve got and read (or definitely plan to read). Obviously, you know I borrowed The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie. I also borrowed Dreaming of You (I had borrowed the first book in this series but it was part of the put down and couldn't get into it collection) and I plan to read Dreaming of You this weekend. And then there was the Harry Potter audiobook of Philosopher's Stone. I couldn't resist putting a request in just to see what the audio is like. It should be a quick listen at least. Then I purchased Desire and the Deep Blue Sea and The Day of the Duchess. I won’t include my Kindle Unlimited borrows either until I start them. But I have included two new requests on Netgalley… I have no self control and that 80% rating I got has been smashed to pieces by my reading slump anyway.

Have you discovered the wonders of online borrowing and how it’s worse than Netgalley for new impulse book requests? And what are you reading lately?
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