Sunday Summary // 03.05.2020

03 May 2020

Another week of lockdown over and I am hoping next week will be the week we get given a little bit of hope about it coming to an end. I am so over being stuck at home by myself. Do I think everything will go back to normal straight away? Probably not. But I am hoping I might finally be allowed to go to my mom’s house and see my dog. You know, I just want to be able to do the little things. I’m cool with queuing 2 metres apart at supermarkets. I’m fine with working from home and not seeing people. I’m even fine with the majority of shops being shut forcing us all to stay at home as much as possible. But I am looking forward to those small trips out. An evening spent at my mom’s watching bad TV, the same thing I will do at my own house. Cuddling with my dog on the sofa. I’m even looking forward to all of my clothes being covered in dog and cat hair as soon as I walk through the front door because you don’t even have to see them, it just appears.

But enough of that, I’ve actually had a way better lockdown week and felt a lot less sorry for myself. Maybe having Boris Johnson saying we’re past the peak gave me a boost? I mean, I don’t necessarily believe him but let’s not talk about this pandemic more than we have to. I did start off the week feeling down, I think the weather reflected my mood as this week we pretty much had nonstop rain and cold weather. I even had to put my heating on again! And that was rubbish as it meant I couldn’t even get out for a walk and some fresh air. But by the middle of the week, even being stuck at home, I did start to get a bit more positive. I found another awesome K –drama to watch on Netflix. I brought out my bullet journal I’d been ignoring and I got back to writing my to-do list and it really helped. I think a good TV show and the feeling of being productive marking off things you need to do is just so satisfying. I cannot recommend it enough. I even got cracking back on my household chores yesterday because there is a lot to be said for cleaning helping to boost my mood. I’d been slacking, letting my washing up build up until I had to do as I’d run out of teaspoons and ignoring cleaning my kitchen but who was going to see it but me? But Saturday was the day of getting productive. I mopped the floor, scrubbed the hob, my work surfaces are now pristine. And I love the smell of a just-cleaned kitchen, it just smells so fresh. I give it a couple of days and it will look like a bomb has gone off again.

And that’s it, really. Another dull week in lockdown and I’m fine with that. I need to try and motivate to do a deep clean of the bathroom next. I really hate cleaning the bathroom. Like a lot and I don’t know why.

Also, before we move on to books, anyone else on blogger found themselves on the new blogger? It just happened one day when I came to schedule a post and I did not agree to this. I mean, they but all this effort to change things but the post editor is still as horrible and ugly as always, how about an update to that first because I hate the post editor.

What I’ve Been Reading

Another quiet reading week for me. I finished Branded by Fire and I really loved Mercy and Riley’s book, the crossover between the SnowDancers and DarkRiver was excellent. It was good to see more pack interaction because they’ve been so separate until now. Once I finish what I’m currently reading I’ll probably move onto the next book in that series. Can’t wait. I also finally read Undercover Bromance and why did I wait so long? That book was amazing, it was feminist and awesome and the characters were great. A prime example of a character I didn’t like in a previous book totally winning me over when they get their own book. I’ll be attempting to write a coherent review for it soon. And then I started rereading Bet Me last night. I’d been wanting to read it again after I’d featured it in one of my tag posts but then I saw a tweet by an author about it being their go to quarantine read or something like that and I just had to read it again. I remembered how utterly comforting I find all of Jennifer Crusie’s books and I wanted to read that. it has made me want to eat Krispy Kreme donuts now, though. They’re on Uber Eats… but can’t really justify ordering 12 donuts for one person.

New To Me

I didn’t do so good at not buying books this week and there are a couple more which have popped up in the Kindle Monthly Deal I’m eyeing up but they’re second books in series so I need to read the first one first. Maybe it’ll motivate me to get reading them? I’ve been wanting to read Gideon the Ninth ever since I heard about the book and it’s been so expensive for so long and then the price dropped to under £3 for the ebook and I was there. I am so excited to read it, I just know it’ll be good. I then bought the Ravenswood box set after seeing Talia Hibbert tweet that it was a short term offer. I mean, I DNFed the first book in that series a while back and I am almost certain it was my mood which made me do it. I loved Get a Life, Chloe Brown so I figured screw it, let’s commit to a whole series from her because I will love it. And then Brazen and the Beast was up for 99p so I had to buy it even though I hate the UK covers for Sarah MacLean’s books (just look at it, most historical romance here gets covers like that and I hate them every time. When lockdown is over I will be ordering a mass-market copy of it for my collection because I love US romance covers).

What have you been reading this week? And am I alone in finding cleaning a great way to boost my mood even though I don’t enjoy cleaning?
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