Sunday Summary // 17.05.2020

17 May 2020

It is week one thousand in lockdown. It feels like 10 years since life was normal. I haven’t ventured outside f my neighbourhood in weeks.. I can’t drive and as we’ve been told not to use public transport (although, I really feel like the government is giving us mixed messages on what we should and shouldn’t be doing) I can only go to places I can be bothered to walk to. I am very lazy so I’m not exactly getting very far. I saw my stepdad and dog this week though! We were told from Wednesday we were allowed to meet up with one other person from outside our household as long as it was in a public place and you keep a 2m metre distance. I suppose I preempted the government announcement as I’d actually done this a couple of times before because I missed my Milo. Fingers crossed folks don’t go crazy and the infection rate goes down so I can see my family properly. Unfortunately, I’m not convinced it will because I’m certain people will act stupidly and take advantage since people have also been told to return to work and certain shops, are now allowed to reopen. I just worry so I’m not really getting out any more than when the rules were eased slightly. I’m holding off for visiting other households.


Sorry, this isn’t about lockdown. But since I don’t do really do much in a week anymore we inevitably end up talking about it. I say we like this is a conversation, but you know what I mean.


I suppose I should address the elephant in the room, I blogged not a thing this week. I actually tried to type up a post a couple of times but I had nothing to type about. I tried to think of something, I had things I vaguely wanted to put in a discussion but I had no point to make, it would have been me rambling. But it’s not even that, I had things I wanted to write but no clue how to put my thoughts into words. It was a writer's block of sorts, I suppose. It was so weird, left me in a weird funk. I’ve not had proper writer's block this when blogging for a while. It’s usually laziness stopping me writing posts, and there may have been a touch of that too. I have ideas and have put words to a page the past couple of days so there is hope for next week.


What’s happened this week other than not blogging and lockdown changes? I bought a lawnmower and a garden seating set! I have never cut grass before apart from maybe helping my nan cut her lawn when I was little. I used to love when she did her grass because she had a petrol lawnmower and there is something about that smell of grass and petrol that just reminds me of summer days at her house. I know that's weird but we all have her weird memories. Honestly, her lawnmower was so old, it was this old school one with the blades showing and it was so heavy and had this massive roller which flattened the grass. It was amazing it still worked she must have had that ever since she owned a house. So it was an experience cutting my own grass for the first time. I thought I had a before and after picture but turns out I only have after… oh well.

I also said I got seating, I would take a picture… but when it got delivered they forgot to send a whole chair. The set has two chairs, a bench and two little coffee table type thing. It’s all very cute, and the company missed a chair. The delivery driver almost forgot to give me another parcel, he drove off and had to come back and hand me that as well. I called the company and they said the chair was at the store they’ll send out the same day and should arrive the next morning at the latest. It did not. So then I call again and they say it’ll have to come from the spares and replacements warehouse now and can take up to 4 weeks as there is a backlog. What the hell! I will now have to wait 4 weeks and if it doesn’t arrive call again, I feel like it’s a delay technique in the hopes I’ll forget about it. I’m thinking this is my third piece of bad luck. Two broken electronics and a messed up delivery. And here was me thinking it would be a simple thing ordering a seating set… not so much.


I’ve also been attempting to organise my Goodreads shelf. I have cleared off a lot of books from my buy list/tbr. I should probably have made that into a post but it’s kind of boring saying I deleted this because I can’t remember why I wanted to read it. Usually, it’s because someone wrote a really good review of it, but I can’t always remember who that was or what specifically made me add it from their review. It was only books from my maybe buy list that got cleared, next is the must-buy list, I might move a few books into the maybe list rather than deleting them and I know a lot of books have been on that last for a while if I’ve not bought them after two years are they really a must-buy? But yeah, it got to the point that tidying my Goodreads shelves sounded like fun, that’s where I am in lockdown.


What I’ve Been Reading

Still not in full reader mode. It took ages for me to finish Catching Fire, like 3 days! I forgot how slow the opening was but it picked up by the end. I then read Date Me, Bryson Keller and loved it! Review will be up next week but such a fantastic read. Then back to the Hunger Games reread as I started Mockingjay yesterday. Turns out, I kind of hate the rebellion but I’m only 20% of the way in so we’ll see how my thoughts change. I remember being a bit let down by the ending but also remember speeding through the book because so much happens. This one is definitely more fast paced than Catching Fire.


New To Me

Still no book purchases but I did get approved for two books on Netgalley and I am so excited for both. I mean, was there ever any doubt about me reading a Therese Beharrie book? I don’t even think so. And I also got approved for Take a Hint, Dani Brown! I’m pretty sure I must have requested it the same day it went up and I got approved within half an hour! Amazing! I was going to drop everything and start reading ASAP but had to start the Mockingjay reread, but these two books will undoubtedly be read next week.


And that was my week. I miss doing things more exciting than talking about deliveries but what can you do? What have you been reading this week? Any new books I need to know about?

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