Sunday Summary // 10.05.2020

10 May 2020

Welcome to another Sunday post which I am typing up last minute because I am lazy!


This week was actually a good week for me mood-wise. I chilled out and figured a low-pressure week was exactly what I needed. This was made even easier to achieve as the first Ma bank holiday was moved to Friday to coincide with the 75th anniversary of VE day. It definitely made it easier to switch off from work at 5 every day as I knew I only had 4 days to get through. That being said, I think it also added to my laziness because I figured I could use my three day weekend to catch up on things I’d not done. Except, that didn’t happen because but the laziness was too strong. I think it didn’t help that the weather was warm and warm weather just makes me want to laze about and do very little. Most things do. But I don’t feel too bad about it because, honestly, better to be in a good mood and be lazy than organised and hating life.


What’s happened this week? Well, I seem to be cursed when it comes to electronics. My beautiful yellow house phone has started making a weird buzzing noise so I’ve had to unplug it. Not great, but no one calls me on the landline anyway. Then a milk frother I bought and used a handful of times went and stopped working. So then I had to contact the manufacturer and it was a whole thing. I’ve had it less than 2 weeks, so now I’m in a waiting game for them to respond to me. I’m just waiting for a third thing to break (please don’t be my laptop) because we all know bad luck comes in threes.


During my small bursts of attempting to be productive over my three day weekend, I decided to try and weed my garden. I have basically not touched my garden at all beyond sorting my washing line out. I don’t own a lawnmower yet so it’s almost an experiment to see how long my small patch of grass grows. But this lack of attention to my gardens means these giant weeds have been allowed to grow out of control. Seriously, they’re huge:

 So I decided to tackle these weeds when I was sat at my computer on Saturday… I am not a gardener and turns out you can’t impulsively decide to pull giant weeds because those big ones have properly dug down under the gravel. I got rid of some so when my washing is on the line it won’t be dropping into weeds at least. Now I just need to tidy up the little paved area I have, sweep and such, and then I can sort out a little spot for seating and reading out in the sun.


I almost forgot the other highlight of my week! Vera messaged me the other day asking if I’d ever listened to a podcast, The Magnus Archives. I hadn’t and asked about it. it sounded cool so I figured I’d listen, she’s that excited to ask about it should probably show willing and give an episode a listen. I started on Tuesday and I’m on episode 68 already. I should probably have been listening to it while I was weeding. Missed a trick there. It is so good! Honestly, so glad she even mentioned it to me. I’ve never really been into podcasts before but this one is genuinely that good. I spend the 8 hours a day I work listening to it and honestly, I am always tempted to just carry on roaming my house and keep listening. Check it out.


What I’ve Been Reading

I’m actually impressed I’ve read anything this week considering my time has been taken up with Netflix and podcasts. I’ve not finished Catching Fire yet, honestly, I’ve hardly started it, but I will get to finishing it over the next day or so. I’ve continued the Psy/Changeling reading with Blaze of Memory and… I was so unimpressed with that book that I sort of want to stop reading. I’m going to power through and try and reading another one in the series next week, though. It was a book I thought I would enjoy more as the idea of the character of Dev should be really interesting…. but I just was so disinterested in him when I was reading. It’s a strange one, I don’t know if it’s just that I didn’t enjoy reading outside of the Snow Dancer and Dark River packs. I don’t know. But then I started rereading Hunger Games with Vera and honestly, it’s amazing how a series can hold up with age. I forgot how much I enjoyed them. Hunger Games I pretty much read in one sitting Friday morning as my neighbour was being noisy gardening (maybe that’s what inspired me) but Catching Fire I’m taking a little slower. mostly because I was feeling all kinds of lazy Saturday and spent a lot of my day watching Netflix and Youtube.


New To Me


Nothing. I haven’t bought a book all week. Check out me and my self-restraint! I do have a few which are on my maybe buy list, the tabs just sat open on my browser waiting for me to click buy but honestly, books haven’t been the thing I’ve wanted to buy this week.


And that is my week. Being lazy and chilled and getting a little obsessive over a podcast. I mean, that is just so me when I think about it. What have you been doing this week?

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