Sunday Summary: 23.08.2015

23 August 2015

Sunday Summary
Welcome to another weekly wrap up of my week. We are approaching the end of August and I’m feeling all warm weathered out. Living in the UK I have fully embraced the fact we get about a week of summer and then it promptly transitions into winter, but I do occasionally wish our weather would be a bit more reliable because we’ve had sun, rain, wind and lightning all within the space of a day. At one point I was reading about how we were at risk of tornadoes (yes, seriously, there was an article on the Daily Mail and everything) so that fully demonstrates how rubbish our summer weather has been this week.

You may have seen I was having a bit of a bad day on Wednesday, to be honest my morning began badly because I was already so damn tired, and then when I left the house my bus had mysteriously disappeared (as buses are prone to do) and so I ended up being twenty minutes behind on my morning before 8 o’clock, not an east feat. I then spent the entire day feeling out of sorts, I hate when things don’t happen as I planned it to. It wasn’t like there was anything that went particular wrong with my morning, apart from almost being late for work, but it really set the tone for the day. To be honest, since my terrible Wednesday morning I’ve been feeling a bit flat. I keep thinking about blogging or reading and can’t find the motivation, I think it’s just a bad mood radiating to all areas of my life, I’m attempting to sing and dance it out and have found my colouring book has helped. I’ve almost finished my first double page picture!

What I’ve Been Reading

I am rather impressed with my reading this week considering Wednesday’s bad mood kind of drifted over right on until the end of the week. It just left me feeling very unmotivated, and uninspired, but my reading didn’t suffer. I have a half written review for Followed by Frist and I hope to review Cruel Beauty as well.

New To Me

I am rather impressed with myself about my small new books list. The Language of Spells was part of one of the kindle daily deals of this week and it sounded interesting so I bought it. As for The Shattered Court, once more was I listening to a podcast on Smart Bitches Trashy Books and they were interviewing Tina Chaney who raved about this book, the things she said happened in it sounded amazing! So it got bought and delivered over the weekend. I’m proud that it’s only two books purchased this week, though. Go me!

Anyway, that has been my week. Pretty dull and dominated by a bad mood, but as I said on twitter, it can only get better! What do you guys when you find yourself in a bad mood with no particular reason for it?
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