Sunday Summary: 30.08.2015

30 August 2015

Sunday Summary
Time for me tell you about my week and relay all my reading and new purchases. I almost skipped this week’s summary post, but I really like writing them, who cares that I’ll be posting a monthly wrap up post in a couple of days? I do what I want and no one can stop me, I’m a rebel. Also, this is probably the only time I ramble about me and my life, however briefly

Last week I was in a bad mood and had a bad end to the week. This week I’ve been in a really positive mood but I’ve note been reading as much and I definitely haven’t been blogging as much as I should. I have half written reviews and discussion posts left right and centre and I missed a Top Ten Tuesday because I couldn’t find the motivation to write a post. I don’t know, I’m concerned blogging fatigue may hit, but I’m thinking it’s more my laziness is coming through. I will take the weekend to recharge, I think.

This works out well because it’s a bank holiday weekend! Do people in other countries get bank holidays or do you guys call it something else? Anyway, bank holiday weekends are a sacred thing treasured by all because our bank holidays simply aren’t spaced out well. This is the last bank holiday until December! It is always a long dark haul to Christmas after the August bank holiday, so I’m determined to make the most of it. Normally I either try and find something fun to do locally or I create a pile of books to entertain me, if the weather is nice anyway. I’ve been a but of a reading rut since I finished When A Scot Ties The Knot, I just don’t know what I feel like reading. It’s not that I don’t have books to read, I simply don’t know what I’m in the mood for. Hopefully this is just a temporary thing and it will soon pass… maybe.

What I’ve Been Reading

I told you last week I bought it, well I started reading it as soon as if came through the door, The Shattered Court was just a perfect book. It was well worth me staying up until well past my bedtime Sunday night to finish. I know it’s probably not a book for everyone, but I enjoyed it. As for Burn For Me, that was a recommendation from Danya after a short discussion about terrible book covers, this one has one of the worst I’ve seen in a long while and it doesn’t even properly suit the book! They could have picked literally any other cover and it would have suited better, but don’t be put off by a bad book cover, there is an excellent story inside. And finally my Kindle pre-order of When a Scot Ties the Know was delivered Tuesday morning, I was obviously going to pick it up as soon as possible. Dare delivered an excellent romance once more, and it gave me a strong urge to rewatch Outlander.

New To Me

Okay, as you can see from my large collection of new books, I have a problem. Firstly, anywhere I can request review copies of books is both good and bad because that is how I ended up with Hello, Goodbye, And Everything in Between, The Unfortunate Decisions of Dahlia Moss, Tonight the Streets Are Ours and Shadows. I can’t help myself, so I am once more stuck with a pile of review copies to get reading. As for the rest… I have a problem with buying. In my defence I pre-ordered both the Dare book and Ness’s new book, so that makes it okay right? I don’t know when I’ll get reading all these, but this shows I am not lacking in books to read, I simply have not picked any of them up.

So how have your weeks been? Does anyone else find themselves requesting too many review copies and then find yourself drowning in books? And what do you do when you’re stuck with having no clue what you feel like reading?
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