Top Ten Of Your Auto-buy Authors

18 August 2015

I love this weeks topic from The Broke and the Bookish, sometimes they are topics I struggle to think of things for, but auto-buy authors was not one of those topics.

It’s strange, whilst I was thinking up my list (my long list) of auto-buy authors, I realised that they are not necessarily my absolute favourite authors, but they are the ones who I know guarantee me a good story. It is also rather unsurprising to see that my auto-buy authors list includes a hell of a lot of romance authors. What can I say? These are the authors I gravitate to because I know I will enjoy their books. I admit, some authors I wanted to add to me list, but couldn’t, in all honesty, say I auto-buy their books. This ended up being a far more difficult list to narrow down than I ever anticipated. I thoroughly enjoyed thinking about it and will give honourable mentions to those poor unfortunate authors that didn’t quite make the cut.

All of the below authors are ones I adore, you’ve probably heard me mention some, if not all of them. These are the authors who I keep my eye open for new books. Go out of my way to get my hands on them upon their release. I will not always necessarily read them immediately, or even necessarily enjoy them, but no matter what, these are the authors whose books I will always buy. I am a loyal reader, that is just who I am, and I feel these authors have successfully earned my reader loyalty.
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And my honourable mentions go to Jennifer Armentrout, Morgan Matson, Neil Gaiman, Cora Carmack and Tessa Dare who I love dearly and do tend to auto-buy, but my buying habits for them are not necessarily always definite.
Who are your auto-buy authors and how do you decide they are auto-buy authors? Mine are the authors whose book I have either hunted out or who I keep an eye on to get their latest new release.
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