Sunday Summary: 09.08.2015

08 August 2015

Sunday Summary
This week has left me feeling a bit out of sorts because absolutely nothing has gone as planned! We had a new starter on our team Monday, I expected to be spending most of my week training. I am not the best trainer in the world simply because I struggle to explain things well because I worry about talking down to people so end up making things sound far more complex than they are. I’m definitely getting better as time goes on, but it still is one of my least favourite things to do at work. Anyway, I expected to be training the newbie all week, instead she came in Monday and looked bored out of her ever-loving mind, and came in Tuesday asking what would happen if she didn’t like it. I got to work Wednesday and she simply did not show up. She was only twenty, but I was taught to at least stick things out if you don’t like them, give it a reasonable chance, we did not get that. I’m glad that I didn’t waste more than two days training, but it is still frustrating to say the least. Hopefully, we’ll have better luck next time.

The person the newbie was hired to replace also left this week, we had a nice send off for him Thursday at the pub, because we are British and where else would we go to say goodbye to someone? Now, the obvious happened during our pub outing, we gossiped. I learnt so much about my workplace I was not aware of before. Isn’t it amazing you don’t know what’s happening on other teams? All outward appearances makes it appear as if they get along swimmingly, discuss it alone with a couple of them and you discover all the inner drama. Now, I am not that much of a gossiper, no more than anyone is, but I am incredibly nosy. I know, typically the two go hand in hand, I like to know stuff but that doesn’t mean I’m spreading it all left right and centre. Anyway, a lot of things came to light that night and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I’ve never been one for socialising too much outside work, but that was a great evening, I’m just sad to see a person go from the office. Fingers crossed our next newbie will be more successful.

The final significant thing of my week is I have my new glasses! Yay. I can see slightly clearer and with more accuracy now my astigmatism is being corrected once more. I know this is incredibly boring news, but it is nice to know that my hour of frame picking was worth it as I love my shiny new glasses.

What I’ve Been Reading

It may seem a bit strange that I’ve finished the Bowler University series by Megan Erickson after giving quite a low rating to the first book, but I liked the concept and I enjoy new adult books, no matter how absurd the storylines may get, and I needed some easy reads following the emotional read of All the Bright Places because that book killed me. I’ve also been making an attempt to power through some of my ARC copies because I hate letting them pile up, I’ve read two this week, which feels like an achievement. And I gave in, I was going to resist book buying, but Every Last Breath by Jennifer Armentrout went down to £1.99 for Kindle, who could say no to that? I had to read it to justify the buy then.

New To Me

I know, this looks bad, but The Boys of Summer was free for kindle and I picked it up after reading this post because there were so many good summer books on there. I pre-ordered Most Likely to Succeed in January! When I’ve pre-ordered something it totally doesn’t count it just ended up being released this week. Every Last Breath was a bargain, as I said above, no one could fault me for that buy, especially not when I’ve also read it! Off the Page has pictures in it and is a hardback book which I got from Tesco, no excuse, but very pretty, so justified. I’ve got no explanation for Denton’s Little Death Date outside of it being 99p and I wanted to read it. As for The Year We Fell Down and Just to be With You, they came in my Bookworm Box this week. It is a high price to pay for these books, I’ve got another one coming next month but I do have to question how I can justify the high price for this box. But they are signed and pretty and something I wouldn’t necessarily buy otherwise.
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And that is my week, what have you been up to? Do you ever have those weeks where everything feels a bit off because things didn’t go as originally planned?
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