Top Ten Authors I've Read The Most Books From

11 August 2015

This weeks theme from The Broke and The Bookish is similar to a previous theme, we are looking at who I’ve read the most books from whilst previously we’ve looked at the authors I own the books for. Turns out, that means my lists will be quite similar because I will have read all of the books I own, but it means there will be a few throwbacks from my youth as well. The thing is, if I love an author, I tend to read their entire back catalogue. I cannot help it, it is a compulsion of mine. I obviously have slight obsessive tendencies as shown by the sheer number of books I’ve read by some of these authors! I mean, what the hell, right?

meg cabot I don’t know if I’ve ever told you all this, but I was crazy about Meg Cabot when I was about twelve, who wasn’t? I’ve said before, me and my now best friend bonded over our love for The Mediator series (why must I wait until next year for that next book?) and I made a concentrated effort to get my hands on as many of her books as possible. I scoured the internet and everything because these were the days before ereaders. I did not realise I had gotten to the point of reading 36 of her books, though. And that isn’t even all of them because I stopped reading The Princess Diaries after book 6, so think of all those missing books, there could be more!
cate tiernan
Okay, so I read the entirety of the Wicca (or Sweep) series back when I was about fourteen. I had just read The Secret Circle series by LJ Smith and was looking for another witchy series to get reading (I liked witches at that age) and stumbled across this series at the library, one weekend. I then proceeded to read the entire series because I adored it. I never owned a single book in the series, but that hardly matters does it?
Janet Evanovich
I only ever read the Stephanie Plum series by Evanovich because my mom was reading them, so I would steal them after she finished. She continued long after I did, I think I got to book twelve and I have not been able to catch up. I do own a couple of books from other series, though, which I plan on reading soonish. I also read a couple of books from her Alex Barnaby series and totally loved those. Writing this I am having a strong urge to get rereading.
Sarah Dessen
It is no secret I adore Sarah Dessen, I have since I read my first book by her, This Lullaby, and after that I just had to read everything she had written. Again, this was no easy feat as so many of her books hadn’t had a widespread publication in the UK, or they hadn’t reached my town anyway. I searched high and low for books by her and I can proudly say I have read every book she has published so far. I don’t own all of them as physical copies, though.
jennifer cru
Jennifer Crusie is probably one of the first romance authors whose entire back catalogue I attempted to obtain. I was fifteen and remembering asking my stepdad to order a few books online for me because I didn’t have my own bank card to buy anything. Half her books didn’t get published in the UK and I always felt outraged I couldn’t get all of her books without paying loads for shipping. Now I am outraged that US copies of books are always so much more expensive for no apparent reason, I still occasionally lament how expensive it is to buy books, but they are so much more freely available than I ever realised.
j armentrout
Everyone should know by now that I love Armentrout. I have yet to read her full back catalogue of books, but I am well on my way to reading at least half of it. I will never get bored of her writing, even her worst book is still pretty good in my books. I love her always, and adore her writing.
cecelia ahern
Cecilia Ahern is that author that can both provide an emotional punch in her novels, but always writes something with a slightly unusual story and some really awesome characters. She writes both normal realistic fiction, but also writes books with magical realism. She writes books I adore and is an insta-buy author for me, turns out I’ve read almost every book she had published so far (go me).

Sarra mann
I have loved Sarra Manning ever since I bought that book with a girl with pink hair on the cover. From then on I have followed her work and stayed interested in what she will be releasing. I have not read every book she has published, I stopped reading her YA books, but she has written a few adult novels, so I like to keep her on my radar.
maria v snyder
I love Maria V Snyder, she is one of my favourites. For the past year or so I have slowly been working my way through all of her book series. I just need to get started on Shadow Study and try her Inside Out series. She has this thing about trilogies, it seems. And I am a sucker for it every time.
jen echols
Okay, so technically I’ve read more books by JK Rowling, but it so boring to talk about Harry Potter anywhere, you’ve heard of her and her fabulous series, if not go read it. So, I thought I’d speak about my undying love for Jennifer Echols. I admit, she has had plenty of love for Author Addiction this month, but she can never have too much love. She is one of my go to contemporary authors for her excellent writing and wonderful characters. I cannot get enough.

And there we have it. A lot of books on this list, I can hardly believe how many there actually are! I will hopefully have new authors whose book numbers will reach the same heights. I can see Jill Shalvis being one, and I’ve just discovered Bella Andre and there are over a dozen books in The Sullivan series alone.

Does anyone else find themselves reading the entire back catalogue for author they love? I’d love to know who you’ve managed to read every book of, just leave a link below and I’ll come and be a bit nosy.
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