Sunday Summary: 02.08.2015

02 August 2015

Sunday Summary
It is the first Sunday in August and it is actually a half decent day (it’s not raining) which is quite nice. I spent yesterday writing blog posts and reading All The Bright Places and generally being pretty chilled, my favourite way to spend a day. I have been feeling run down and tired so I have been attempting to unwind a bit this week, I’m pretty sure I’m attempting to fit too much stuff into my days and need to get a few more early nights is all. I don’t think it helps that at work things have been more hectic, we’re covering for another team whilst a couple of people are on annual leave, the only problem is we’ve never done any of these jobs we’re covering before, so we’re learning as we go and it’s tiring. Next week we get to look forward to a new starter, as well. I’m glad to have them, we need the help, but there is nothing more draining than training someone new. Thankfully I won’t be helping with that just yet, but it will be coming soon.

If any of you follow me on twitter you may have seen my annoyed tweet about having to go to the opticians. I don’t mind the opticians itself, although it is upsetting that every time I do go they tell me about another change in my sight, it is more the cost. I get my eye test free as I have contact lenses, but I still have to pay for those lenses and for my glasses along with having my lenses thinned because let me tell you I am blind. That isn’t even what bothers me, though, it is picking the damn glasses. It is so frustrating because I cannot see without my glasses on, but to try the new glasses on I obviously have to take them off. It is a whole fiasco of having my actual glasses in one hand whilst I try a pair on then I take a photo of myself with my phone and then have to try and juggle the new frames my glasses and my phone whilst replacing everything. I do that about twenty times and hope I find a pair. I know there are staff there to help, but it is awkward enough trying new glasses on and pressing my face close to a mirror in an attempt to see myself, why add in the awkwardness of seeing all that happen? I’ve ordered a new pair of glasses that are very similar to the ones I already have, this happens every time I don’t know why I spend so much time browsing when I’m so predictable.

What I’ve Been Reading


New To Me

As you can see, I have both cheesy romances and a touch of fantasy on this weeks list of purchases. I gave in at Tesco and bought Half a War as a hardback, even though I intended to read the second book first! I just have no self control. It is the only big purchase I made though. Okay, and the first three Lucky Harbor books set me back a few pounds for my kindle, but honestly those are my only big purchases, so I figure that isn’t so bad. I will now attempt to be restrained and catch up on my TBR pile. Not sure how long that will last, a couple of days maybe? I am trying to be good, though.

Does anyone else hate the decisions involved with the opticians, why has no one created an easier way for the short sighted folks to get new glasses?
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