Monthly Wrap Up: July

31 July 2015

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I have decided to not begin this post exclaiming about how I don’t understand where my month has gone, I don’t know where it went, but why repeat myself from every other month, I obviously have no grasp of how time works, this is no longer new. Instead I will say July has felt like a very successful month reading and blog wise, not for any particular reason, that is just how it has felt. I have felt a lot happier writing my reviews, and I may be about 100 posts behind on my blog feed and not commenting as much as I might like, but I’m happy and that is good, right?

July has been a month of horribly warm weather, and some pretty epic storms (as one woman I work with put it ‘there was so much lightning it was like the paparazzi were outside my window’) and it’s been a month of me feeling incredibly lazy. I don’t know what it is about the summer months that makes me feel lazy, but they do, thankfully my laziness hasn’t really affected my reading or blogging, but it threatened to.

July Reads


July Posts

Author Addiction: Tessa Dare
Bite Sized Books: The Movie Edition

A Reading Challenge Update

Fantasy Challenge: Complete 21/12 Read
Fairytale Retelling: 50% 6/12 Read
Dusting off my Shelves: 53% 8/15 Read

And there you go, that is the month of July all wrapped up for you. I am going to go take a nice long nap now, I’m exhausted just seeing all these posts and books read.


Do you find yourself becoming lazy in summer, I know there are the winter blues, but is there summer laziness because I have it.
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