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04 July 2015

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I apologise right now for how British I am going to sound, but how hot has it been here for the past week?!? It slowly got warmer and warmer. I spent Monday and Tuesday just collapsed on the sofa after getting home from work. It was too warm for me to do anything. I didn’t even turn my computer on for the first half of the week, I think. It was too warm to use a computer. I have never been so grateful that we have air-conditioning at work, even if the air con at our end of the office stopped working on the HOTTEST DAY OF THE YEAR!!! I’ve even had to forgo the wearing of tights to avoid me melting dramatically. It has been all we’ve been able to talk about for days, what’s the weather going to do? Is it going to be warm today? Is it today we are forecast rain?


And then Friday night there were the most epic storms to be seen at probably 1 o’clock Saturday morning. I was sat in the dark of my room just staring out the window at the lightning. I adore storms, when I went to New Orleans last year there was a really good storm with thunder that shook you to the bone and lightning forking through the sky. This one Friday night was so epic because it literally passed right over it. The thunder didn’t shake you to the bone, but it definitely vibrated you slightly. The sky was lit up for about an hour with lightning, it was spectacular. Less so if you don’t like storms, but I was like a little kid at Christmas in my excitement. Saturday morning I regretted it slightly as I am currently writing this whilst half asleep, but oh well.


Okay, enough about the weather, I needed to let my British flag fly for a second, but I am over it now. Now to my week. As I said, I’ve been avoiding my laptop at all costs and on the reading front I’ve been quite quiet, I managed to finish Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell, just about, I admit I skim read some parts because towards the end I was beginning to get bored. It wasn’t the book, the story is fantastic and I am impressed with the way Clarke completely committed to creating a whole history to her work, but if I read a book for over a week I begin to get bored, it is inevitable. I also read Slammed after the good things being said about Hoover’s book on the internet. After the way it ended I’m not sure whether I’ll pick up Point of Retreat straight away, I might take a short break from it, the story is a lot and I liked the ending to the first book, but at the same time I do want more. With the review copies I’ve received breathing down my neck though, I might pick one of those up first.


What I’ve Been Reading



New To Me

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Instant Attraction, Instant Gratification and Temeraire were all bought at the end of June, all impulse buys as they were under £1, also Naomi Novik wrote Temeraire so I thought I might give the series a try. Let’s Get Lost is currently £1 for Kindle so I had to buy, and it turns out I didn’t have A Court of Thorns and Roses on my Kindle so I bought a copy for 99p! Elven is my Kindle First pick for July. Chasing Impossible I got free for preordering Nowhere But Here and I’m excited to read Abby’s story. A Thousand Nights and Lair of Dreams are both books from NetGalley. I am so excited for both of these released (one I have already preordered, but I never turn down the opportunity to try and read a book sooner). These books cost me a total of £4.79 altogether (I’m not including having to buy Nowhere But Here in the first place) and so I am thoroughly impressed with myself.


And that has been my week. I am very impressed with myself for not buying too many books. I am also dead excited about the books I received from NetGalley, they are some good books, right? I am off to go get some reading done now, so speak to you soon. Which books do you think I should start reading next?

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