Sunday Summary: 12.07.2015

11 July 2015

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I am having a terrible reading time aren’t I? I’m just not reading as much as usual, but I wish I knew what it was I was actually doing. I think I may be doing a whole lot of nothing. I’ve been neglecting blog reading, I’ve been putting off replying to comments and I most certainly have not been writing posts. I have a huge pile of books in my room I should totally read and just haven’t. I’m slowly starting them, though. I think I just feel so guilty for not starting them because they are staring me in the face, books on my Kindle can’t do that because I can just turn the screen off.


Anyway, I wish I could tell you some exciting story of my week, but I can’t. I did almost oversleep for work Friday because my alarms had mysteriously been turn off on my phone (I do a lot of strange things when tired so there is a slight chance I did that, but I’m claiming haunted phone) but I can’t say oversleeping is really that interesting. I also spent all Saturday having a tidy of my room. Seriously, I feel like I’m 15 every time I have to do it, but until my house deposit is all saved up there’s not a lot of choice. Maybe I should investigating renting, but it’s the principal of things. Why should I pay someone to let me live in a property they own?


I’ve totally failed on the blog posting front this week, but I’ve been run down with a cold at the beginning of the week and towards the end I was attempting to finish off blog post whilst watching TV, terrible idea I know. I just have been feeling extra lazy, I think it may be a summer thing. You know how people get depressed from the early nights in winter? I get lazy from the heat and long days of summer, it’s probably a thing.


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I just want to take this moment to say I know I have bought a silly number of books, but I will defend myself by saying three were bought whilst bored waiting for a friend to meet me (she was half an hour late, it’s totally her fault I bought them) and the rest were bought in the Kindle summer sale because I’ll probably read them eventually. I would justify my purchases, but I’m so excited to read them all. I also now own Clariel on my kindle and in paperback so my shelf will look nicely complete. I might just have to invest in some short story collections from Garth Nix though. Also, when I was wandering around my local Waterstones I was heartbroken to discover Nimona is both sold out on Amazon and at Waterstones, how am I meant to read it if there isn’t any stock?


Anyway, any suggestions to help motivate me out of my lazy summer mood would be appreciated, do you know any good reading challenges going on or anything to help get my brain a bit more alert? Let me know in the comments along with your thoughts on my purchases.

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