Sunday Summary: 19.07.2015

19 July 2015

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Hi, so this week has been a week of work work work. I feel like I’ve done more reading though, three books read this week! An entire series finished, I am impressed. And two more started with one soon to be finished. Although I bought far more than 5 books this week so I think I may never catch up on my TBR pile. Thankfully some of my purchases are just me investing in a physical copy of a book, so all is not lost.


I tidied my room last weekend (I live an exciting life) and finally emptied my money boxes I’ve had gathering dust in my room for the past ten years. Sadly, all they had in them were 1p and 2p pieces with an occasional 5p thrown in so it was not the resolution to all my woes and going to fund my shopping addiction any time soon, but it did give me about £30 of money. You’re probably questioning why you should care, you shouldn’t but this is a tale I will tell anyway. I tried to get it changed last weekend at a coinstar machine only there was a power cut and the damn thing wasn’t working. Let me tell you, £30 of 1ps is heavy and not even a little fun to carry when you’re also doing a trip around the supermarket for food. So, I was obviously rather annoyed that I’d gotten up on a Sunday morning and made the effort to do the weekly shop with my mom with no gain for me. I tried again this Saturday, and thankfully the machine was working and my money was changed, but God damn they don’t half make it difficult. You can’t put too much money in at any one time because then it gets confused counting, it can take several attempts to accept a coin as a genuine coin, and it takes a while to count. And they charge you almost 10%! I managed to get it all sorted and changed to actual money in the end, that is just a fristrating story of my week.


Also, does anyone else hate seeing people from work, school, college etc. out and about like normal? This happened to me yesterday, a woman I work with was doing the same as me, her weekly shop in town, but obviously you’re required to smile and chat when you see someone you know and work with on a daily basis, thankfully I don’t leave the house without my headphones on so I can drown the world out and have an excise to ignore the weirdoes on the bus so I smiled said hi and charged past. I told my mom this same tale who rolled her eyes and said ‘typical’. I am quite a shy person who has to mentally prepare myself for various social experiences. I don’t like them being spring on me, so to see someone from work shocked me. I said hi and acknowledged her, was I required to chat as well? I hate the people that do that, though. You know, the people that stop randomly and start chatting with someone and blocking the way for you to get by, so I certainly wasn’t going to be someone that did that to make awkward small talk with a colleague. As a random aside do you think I was rude?


Back to books then. I’ve been buying and reading as normal, I’ve still got review copies to catch up on and books I’ve been dying to read, and then there are the posts to write! I was nominated for an award by Hannah at Bookfangirling so I wrote a post for that this week and I cam to the realisation that I am such an awkward person to giving and receiving awards. I feel awkward being nominated, flattered as well, but awkward. Then when I have to nominate others I get dead nervous about it because I can’t help but think people won’t want the award! I now, I think too much sometimes.


Let’s move on to some book cover pictures shall we?


What I’ve Been Reading


New To Me

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I’m off to get some blog writing and some reading done. Also, I may procrastinate and play a bit of Pokemon, no one will get me stop playing those games, they are my past present and future because one day my pets will be trained into being pokemon and I will be a pokemon master. Feel free to comment below, please give me an idea of which book to pick up next, because I just can’t decide!

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