Sunday Summary: 26.07.2015

26 July 2015

Sunday Summary
It’s almost the end of July, what is this? I spend half my time wishing the week would go quicker (that’s normally during the hours at work after I’ve come back from lunch and just want five o’clock to hit) and the other half thinking where the hell is the time going, why doesn’t my week slow down? I don’t know if this time thing is something that happens as you get older, time suddenly begins moving far faster than you’re comfortable with or what.

Last week there was an offer on Marvel Unlimited, I think it was linked with the release of Antman at the cinema, and the offer was you got one month of Marvel Unlimited for a penny, and an American penny at that! That does mean I ended up paying a British, penny, but whatever. I then proceeded to spend a couple of days obsessively reading up on Marvel Civil War because I am so excited for the Captain America film next year. I read all the series linked with the saga, or most of them, and I forgot how amazing the entire saga was. I plan on reading up on some other stories on there over the next month before i have to cancel my subscription. I am feeding my inner geek with all this comic book reading, as shown below. It’s awesome!

I also gave in to the adult colouring book craze this past weekend. About a month, my mom came home from work with a cat colouring book and some pencil crayons. Her excise for buying them was ‘how could I not?’ and at the time it did seem pretty reasonable. All I can say is my mother is a genius with her impulse buys, colouring is so much fun! I bought the Animal Kingdom colouring book on Saturday from Tesco because it looked cool and I am having so much fun colouring in. It’s supposed to be a stress relieving thing, or something like that, but I don’t know about it relieving stress but it is pretty damn fun. I may show you a few pictures once I’ve completed some decent ones.

What I’ve Been Reading



New To Me

I know, I need to slow with my buying, but I bought Such a Rush and Cinder last week and it’s just they arrived in the post this week, so I’m not counting that as spending money. I know I should stop buying physical copies of books I’ve already read, but I like to have physical copies of some of my favourite books. I’m going to slowly get all The Lunar Chronicles series as physical copies in time for Winter to be released. I also decided to by Steelheart after reading this post by Brittany at The Book Addict’s Guide on books to read if you liked Harry Potter. It was in the kindle summer sale, so that is also an acceptable purchase.

The rest of my new books came to me free, so I feel I’ve been quite successful in curbing my spending. Bound by Duty is currently free for Kindle so I decided to give it a read. I requested Second Chance Summer a couple of weeks back to get a review copy from Headline Eternal so you can imagine my surprise when I actually received that in the post yesterday. And Followed by Frost is a Netgalley request I am thrilled to receive. I’ve got the third book in The Paper Magician series to read by Charlie N Holmberg and I’ve been loving her books so far so I’m optimistic for this one.

I’d love to hear about your weeks in the comments. Does anyone else attempt to curb their book spending and still find themselves surrounded by new books to read? And has anyone else tried these adult colouring books?  am properly obsessed with mine, I forgot how much fun it is to colour in!
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