I Fall Behind In My Blog Reading and That’s Okay

25 July 2015

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I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I’ve found myself lamenting my inability to stay on top of all the various blogs I follow. My blog feed constantly hovers at around 50 posts to read each day and I simply do not have the time to read all of those blog posts! I don’t know a single person who does. It would take me an entire morning to read all of those posts, and rather surprisingly I don’t have time to do that each day. It is only in the past week that I’ve decided to take a breath and stop being ridiculous.
I know, it isn’t any great issue not being caught up on blog reading. Really, it’s a non-issue when I think about it, but it bothers me. I follow plenty of blogs I love and I enjoy reading them, so when I begin falling behind I get put off from catching up simply by the fact there are so many posts to read that I feel daunted by the task in front of me. I know it’s another case of my putting pressure on myself to do something, but this is something that I like to do. I enjoy reading others thoughts and their reviews, and it inspires me. When I fall behind that sense of guilt begins to creep in, like I’m not putting enough effort into those I follow. I fully realise how ridiculous it sounds, but that is how my mind works.

Anyway, the past few weeks I’ve been pressuring myself to sit and work solid through reading various posts and it began to feel like a chore and I found myself dreading the times I was reading blog post,s which is stupid. I came to the decision that I would stop being ridiculous and just accept I have very little free time. I will read blog posts when I can and comment when I feel inspired. Enough with the feeling bad I’m not commenting back on the blogs of those who comment on mine. Enough with feeling bad that I take a few days, sometimes over a week, to comment on posts that interest me.

I’ve been following this mind-set for the past week and you know what, it works! The world hasn’t ended because I’m not on time of my blog feed. There have no people questioning what’s going on, and it’s been nice. I feel a lot happier about my blog reading and have found myself enjoying reading the posts on my feed once more. I think sometimes I need to give myself a good shake, take a stop back, and remember that it’s okay that you don’t do everything.

Do you ever find yourself needing to take a step back to breathe so you can realise how ridiculous you’re being about something? Do you ever find yourself up in arms about the sheer number of blog posts you have to read and despairing you simply don’t have the time to read them all?
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