Author Addiction: Tessa Dare

06 July 2015

Author Addiction is a blog feature developed by Kaja, over at Of Dragons and Hearts, and myself in an attempt to feature more of the authors we love who may not have gotten as much attention on our blog otherwise. It was motivated by my desire to feature some of the authors I love, and know I love, who I sometimes forget to pipe up about because I kind of assume you know how good they are. How could you not? And this month we are talking about our love for the author, Tessa Dare.

I adore Tessa Dare. I first about her last year from various blogs, but the one that really brought her writing to my attention was from this post by Jen at Pop! Goes The Reader where she reviewing Romancing the Duke, the first book in Dare’s Castles Ever After series. At this point I thought historical romance was cheesy and ridiculous with overly masculine men who were always rescuing women and the women were weak, flighty, and essentially a placeholder for women’s fantasies. Turns out I was very wrong, and I learnt this after a blogger I loved explained her love for one of her books.
That is what got me intrigued in her books, it wasn’t until another few bloggers I loved also wrote about enjoying historical fiction that I in fact committed to reading. I tried a couple of other books in the genre first, and then recalled that review I’d read about 6 months ago and swiftly hunted out Dare’s book Romancing the Duke. All I can say is I sure am glad I remembered about that review. I couldn’t remember the books title, but I remembered who posted it. I sat going through every review I could find of hers until I found the right one. I then instantly bought it for my Kindle, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Romancing the Duke is my favourite book by Tessa Dare, it is even one of my favourite books which I read this year. It is such a perfect historical romance novel. Dare has the art of writing within this genre down, and I can tell that from reading Romancing the Duke. It is the perfect level of humour and proper romance. The romantic interest is a masculine man's man, but he is also flawed and beautiful. And Izzy is the perfect heroine, she is strong and opinionated and independent and flawed! She is the kind of character I want in all of my books.
A close second in my favourites from Dare, though, is A Night to Surrender because it is both hilarious and fun. I avoided reading it for a long while because the premise of a man going to recruit soldiers in a holiday village where women have taken over as a place for the wallflowers and rejects from London society could go was a bit strange. It was not the kind of book I thought I would enjoy, but I heard positive things so I thought I’d give it a go. I am glad I did. Exploding sheep! That is all I have to say about that book.

Tessa Dare is a fantastic author in the genre she writes. Along with Sarah MacLean from last month's Author Addiction, she is probably the author I would recommend to anyone new to historical romance, and to any fan of romance in general. She is just fantastic. Her writing is good, her characters are both real and hilarious, and I honestly cannot wait for the next book of hers in the Castles Ever After series, When a Scot Ties the Knot.

Tessa Dare will always be one of my favourite authors. She is so good at writing within historical romance, she gets you hooked, and her writing is always a little funny, even when it may be serious. Don’t forget to go read Kaja’s thoughts about Tessa Dare over at her blog and if you want to know a bit more about her there are a few links below for you to explore and connect.

Have any of you already read Tessa Dare? I would love to hear your thoughts on her if you have. And if you haven’t I’d love to know if I’ve managed to persuade you to give her books a go. And don't forget to stop by next month where Kaja and I will have a freebie month and will be picking out own author's which we love.
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