Monthly Wrap Up: October

04 November 2015

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October will be my blogging slump month, I think. It was one thing after another for me that left me just staring at blank blog posts thinking about all the things I wanted to write but had no motivation to. It was just one of those months. I still wanted to read, but the writing of posts and reviews just seemed to fall by the wayside. It’s been a refreshing break but now I am really struggling to get back into my blogging routine. I don’t need to be posting all the time but right now I’m barely writing anything and I keep being late posting. I always intend to have these posts ready for the end of the month, but at least I’m getting this up

October Reads


October Posts

October Reads

Author Addiction: Jill Shalvis

This section of my monthly wrap up always looks tragically empty, especially as we don’t get the joys of Oh The Books Sunday links post. I miss it and don’t have the time to find as many blog posts as they did so my below links will have to suffice.

Buzzfeed: 37 YA Books You Need To Add To Your TBR List (because you can never have too many books and a few of these I’ve not read)
Buzzfeed: Here Are Magical Photos From Inside The Harry Potter Bar (who else wants to go here, we can make it a bookish date?)
Buzzfeed: 21 Cozy Sanctuaries To Shelter You From Adulthood (most days you’ll probably find me in one of these places)
The Art of Escapism: Introducing the Hogwarts School of Blogcraft and Bookistry (I love this idea and will definitely checking out the posts to follow)

And there you have it. I won’t update you on my challenges because I’ve completed my Fantasy one and my Dusting off the Shelf challenge and I’m so behind on my Fairytale Retellings it’s embarrassing.

How have your months been and have you seen any cool links over the internet? Please tell me about them because I can never get enough of new things to read online.
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