Sunday Summary: 29.11.2015

29 November 2015

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So my first week back at work has been exhausting. I forgot hard work was tiring. What’s worse is that it’s only mentally exhausting, physically I am sat behind a desk doing nothing so I’m brain-dead at home, but not actually tired. It’s a dilemma, right? I’m mentally exhausted but physically I could be doing stuff, but I like the motivation. It’s at times like that I think I should join a gym, running on a treadmill requires no brain power.


Anyway, enough about boring things like work, onto more exciting things like Black Friday and shopping! Obviously, unless you’ve lived under a rock, you will have noticed the crazy Black Friday deals happening for the past week (or they have here, we Brits always want to get in a good sale, even if it is for something imported from America). Things went a bit cray-cray in the UK last year on Black Friday, turns out people tend to get a bit violent when it comes to getting more for their money. This year there have been tons of crazy good deals online, and I have been feeding my bookish addiction. I have vowed to have a buying ban in December, I should really keep my money for Christmas and keep books available for Christmas gifts. I have also seen an excellent plan for cutting down your TBR pile proposed by Amy as a part of her book buying ban where you can buy one new book once you’ve read 5 of your own, I plan to implement something similar after Christmas.


Sadly, I’ve done nothing else interesting this week, just bought copious amounts of books (mostly for my Kindle) and started playing Pokémon again (I go through phases with it, but I’ve 8 badges so it’s time to train for the Pokémon league… in case you’re interested). The only other thing I’ve done is I’ve been planning for the numerous Christmas meals I’ll be attending this year… why is Christmas made more expensive with social occasions?


What I’ve Been Reading


So, I’m slowly working my way through my books. I have to say I didn’t know what to expect reading Him, I love both the authors but it was my first M/M romance outside of fanfiction so I didn’t know how it was going to go. I enjoyed it. It’s not my usual romance, but it was still fun. I then moved on to a fantast romance because that’s what kind of mood I’ve been in. It was good, but with a frustrating ending which I could totally understand, but it still made me annoyed, so I moved on to a contemporary YA because they are always light and fluffy. It was a good final book to the Superlatives series, even if I did prefer the story of the other two books, it still included my favourite character of the series, Sawyer. My final book of the week is Angel of Storms, it’s a book I’m still reading and I’m enjoying it, although book amnesia has struck again without me realising. I fully thought I remembered more of the first book than I obviously do, luckily Canavan is excellent with recapping without telling the story again.


New To Me


Okay, my bookish shopping is not that ridiculous, not when I think there are only two more books I’m waiting to be delivered. Maybe I didn’t go as crazy as I thought, although I did get spammed with about a billion bookish discounts this week. I restrained myself more than I expected. I am now not allowed to buy anymore books, this was like my last bookish hurrah before the long buying drought. I will attempt to stave off any book buying urges with the occasional treat to myself, we’ll see how it goes.


And that is my week. I am now going to do boring stuff like change my bed and vacuum the house before I curl into a nest of blankets because cold weather struck this weekend and I’m in shock because it was so sudden. Tell me about your weeks below and tell me about any new purchases you’ve made during the crazy sales.

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