Sunday Summary: 22.11.2015

22 November 2015

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Isn’t it strange, a week at work can feel like it’s taking a month to finish but my week off has gone by in a flash. It’s sad to see it end, but I am looking forward to having some structure to my week again. You know my grand plan to do a bunch of Christmas shopping this week? Yeah, not so much. I think I’m still in some kind of denial about it getting closer. I do have a few gift ideas, I’m just not committed to buying them yet, I am reluctant to spend money it seems.


So what have I done with my week, then? Well I had lunch at the coolest little hipster cafe on Monday with my friend back from Australia before she returned for my volunteering and missionary work (she is off to a country with cannibals, who does that voluntarily?) and that was fun. It’s crazy to think I hadn’t seen her for six months because it feels like just the other day I was saying goodbye to her, it was nice. I love friendships where you can meet up as if no time has passed. She is probably actually my oldest friend so I’ve got to keep her around.


Tuesday I was a ‘responsible adult’ for my mother whilst she had a local anaesthetic to have the roots of a broken tooth removed. Let me tell you, it is no fun having a parent acting like their drunk, it’s funny for 5 minutes by the craziness lasts a bit longer than that. It was nice to hear the dental nurse asked my mom if I was over 18, though, and she was surprised to hear I was 24, I love compliments like that and will be sad when the day arrives when I don’t get ID’d to buy alcohol, that’s when you know age has set in for you.


Anyone who follows me on Twitter may have witnessed by spam tweets where I was occupying my time when the nice boiler man came to fix out hot water. It was traumatic as he had been the day before and turned it off because it turns out the weird growly noise was a split pipe in the gas line… very concerning, I know. I have to say, though, what do you do when people come around to do these basic things? I offered him a cup of tea and then was at a loss as to what the standard etiquette for entertaining boiler repairman in your home is. I normally hide away somewhere and leave someone else to do the awkward small talk, my stepdad is excellent about chatting away to strangers about boring things, I just want them out of my house as quickly as possible… in the nicest and politest possible way of course.


And then the rest of my week has been taken up with me watching copious amounts of TV and very little reading… or very little reading of books, there has been tons of fanfic reading. I have watched a season and a half of Elementary (my love for Jonny Lee Miller knows no bounds… there is just something about him) in the space of a week and I also binge watched Jessica Jones because I love these Marvel Netflix shows. Do I feel bad that I basically haven’t left the house for two days? No, it got cold here in the UK, why would I want to go outside when it wasn’t absolutely necessary?

What I’ve Been Reading


As you can see, I’ve been reading some, but towards the end of the week books just got forgotten and TV took over. Sometimes you need the break for you to remember why you love reading. That, and my commute tends to be the main time I read and I’ve just not had that this week.


New To Me


Not too many purchases this week. I do also have another book due to arrive next week, but let’s not count that until it arrives. I’m attempting to restrain my shopping as it turns out I have way more unread books than I ever thought. I reorganised my shelves this week and unearthed an entire hidden layer of unread books. I shouldn’t even be allowed to look at another book until I’ve tackled the piles. I’ll show you on Instagram, then you will understand.


How have your weeks gone? Does anyone else make plans and then completely fail to follow through, like me and my grand Christmas shopping plans? And am I the only one who seems to hide their unread books away only to unearth them again a year later?

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