Sunday Summary: 01.11.2015

01 November 2015

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It is the first day of November and I don’t know where my days are going. I am absolutely exhausted. My parents are away this weekend so once more I am looking after the house and the animals and it is exhausting. I always forget how tiring it is doing all the usual chores around the house. I don’t think it helps that last night I was woken  by my brother arriving home drunk, my cat coming home at 5am and expecting to be fed, and by my dog, who thinks the entire bed is his, kicked me whenever he thought I was encroaching in his space, which was always.


Apart from my exhaustion this weekend I can’t claim to have been up to much. I did receive a couple of bookish parcels in the post, which I wasn’t expecting, so that was nice. But otherwise I have been doing that brainless thing of watching lots of TV and not blogging. I keep trying to reserve weekends as my blogging time but it simply isn’t happening. Life keeps getting in the way! I will persevere though, I have my list of posts to write going and I’m slowly ticking things off. It helps that I have another week off in a couple of weeks. I may be busy for a few days but I’m pretty sure I can spare a few hours for blogging outside of the weekend.


What I’ve Been Reading


I tried first a fantasy book this week, but Hidden Fire just didn’t hit the spot, it was too predictable and obvious for my liking. Then I decided to take a third attempt at starting The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms and loved it, I didn’t want to put this book down, I was absorbed. Then I wanted an easy book for my book hangover, so began rereading Throne of Glass. I’m still reading it, but I’m actually getting through it, unlike my previous attempts at rereading. And finally, I began reading Soulless on Saturday and I am liking it. I’m not in book love yet, but there is the potential for me to get there.


New To Me


As you can see, my not buying ban has not been great. Conspiracy is one I bought because I am slowly working my way through the Emperor’s Edge series and their terrible covers. Autumn Thorns is a book I requested for review ages ago and never heard anything back so promptly forgot about it until I had to collect a parcel from the post office. Then Therapy and Beautiful Sacrifice came in my Bookworm Box. These will be the last books I get from that as I had to cancel my subscription (it is just too expensive to justify buying each month).


And there you have it, that has been my week. I’m off to hole up watching cheesy movies and type up blog posts, and very possibly finish reading a book or two. A rather relaxing day really. I mean, I may have to do a bit of washing up and run a vacuum around the house, but that can wait a few hours, don’t you think?


Anyone else reading something good, please tell me about it if you are. And what do you do to relax when you’ve had a long week and are overly tired? My default is watching back to back movies in my pyjamas but I’d love to hear what your ideas are.

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