Sunday Summary: 15.11.2015

15 November 2015

Sunday Summary
I have another week off of work! Yay, let’s pop the party poppers and crack out the helium balloons and get this party started.
Or… you know, get my pyjamas on and prepare to hibernate because that British autumn/winter that didn’t seem to be starting has finally arrived and it is cold! I would be quite happy to stay in bed for the next week because every time I leave that cosy little nest I am cold. Shivering, want to hug a radiator to myself, cold. i could definitely do that, I own enough books, but sadly I booked this week off to do that dreaded thing which turns up every year… Christmas shopping.

I know, it’s too early to think about Christmas… but it also really isn’t. I need to get a head start because I only have one more pay cheque before Christmas (well… I have two, because they always move the December one forward, but that one has to last me all the way to the end of January, so let’s not talk about that) so I need to get shopping.

Who else likes the sense of satisfaction you get from giving a really good present? I get that feeling too… but finding that really good present is hard. Like spending hours wandering around a shopping centre with aching feet and heavy bags hard. That is my plan for the coming week, though, and I am not too enthusiastic about such a prospect because I am terrible at shopping if I am not in the mood for it.

What I am excited about (apart from not working for a week) is one of my best friends is back from Australia for one week only! I am so excited to see her, it turns out I haven’t seen her for six months, which is a crazy long time. I fully expect her to be tanned and to have lots of wonderful stories, so I can’t wait to meet up with her for a few hours next week.

This week has mostly been me being excited for my pending time off of work, but has also been me getting ready for two Christmas meals next month with work, why do they all arrive at once? I am mostly looking forward to them, and I also remind myself that if they’re terrible there will be alcohol at hand for both until I can politely excuse myself (I am a pessimist when it comes to social occasions).

Actually, whilst we’re on the topic of social occasions, it has come to my attention that YALC 2016 tickets are on sale for July next year. I know Hannah’s going but I am dithering about going because they have yet to announce anyone who will be there, but also I am terrified about going to London alone (I like to never turn up alone to anything because I like to guarantee I will know at least one person wherever I go) but then I think I’ve never attended any bookish thing and it would be a really cool thing to do. This is definitely something I will appreciate your input on and I will now talk about books.

What I’ve Been Reading

I read The Duke and I in a couple of days and loved it. The Bridgertons are my favourite historical romance family, at least for now, and I don’t know why I waited so long to purchase that book. I am now going to slowly accumulate all of the books in paperback and hopefully find space on my single set of shelves for them. I also finished Mr Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore and enjoyed it, although it probably isn’t love. It was a strange read that one, it’s hard to describe because it cannot fit into one genre. I then returned to historical romance with Wicked Designs, this was not as good a read, but it still amused me. I think my issue was it was too over the top, I love ridiculous plotlines, but I just couldn’t suspend my disbelief enough to fully enjoy this. I finally read Landline and I am shocked I waited so long for such an enjoyable read. This is less story and more wonderful writing and excellent character growth. I don’t understand why more people didn’t enjoy it though. And I began The Glass Sentence last night, it’s fun but this is probably my 20th attempt so fingers crossed for me.

New To Me

So, my purchases continue, but I only paid for two of them so that’s good, right? My three historical romance books were all free for Kindle and I was just craving that genre after finishing The Duke and I, that is my only excuse. I bought Some Kind Of Normal because I loved Juliana Stone’s other book, Boys Like You, and have been wanting to read this one for a while. Finally, we have Wolf by Wolf, a book I have heard a few things about but have been pretty much oblivious to until it arrived in the first ever Illumicrate box. I am now quite excited about it and will let you know.

As for Illumicrate, I think this may be my favourite bookish subscription box I’ve ever received. It filled with enough stuff and it’s quarterly so I don’t feel the pressure to read this random book every month. I will probably review the box sometime soon for you, if you want that is.

How about you guys, read anything good lately? And don’t forget, I want to know what you think about going to YALC 2016? Has anyone been before, is it worth me going? Tell me all!
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