Sunday Summary: 08.11.2015

08 November 2015

Sunday Summary
Well, we’ve officially had our welcome to Autumn this week. We’ve had wind, rain and generally miserable weather. All I’ve wanted to do all week is hideaway in the warm, I would have had the fire on but it’s been unseasonably warm for November. This basically means I’ve been wandering around in summer clothes with a flimsy jacket getting drenched to the bone every time I go outside, but at least I’m not a red-faced sweaty mess when I get to work… the drowned rat look is in, right?

Enough about the weather, though, I now you’re not all British and interested in our strange fascination with the weather. On to other things, I am going to tell you all now, I have been at a bit of a reading loss. It took me near enough a week to finish Throne of Glass and then the other couple of books I’ve picked up this week have left me feeling a bit ‘meh’ and isn’t that just the worse feeling when reading a book? The feeling of being uninspired, or unattached to it so you feel you’re mind drifting. I know it’s probably me not finding the right book to fit my mood, but it’s still annoying. The I read Carry On by Rainbow Rowell and I honestly could not put it down. I thought maybe I'd lost that need to keep reading until you reach the end of a book, it was gone all week. There are so many things I want to say about that book, but they can wait.

What I’ve Been Reading

I complain about my reading rut, but I am still reading at least. I remembered things I loved about Throne of Glass during my reread, but I also remember the things which bothered me when I originally read, and they still bother me after another read through. I’m going to be picking up Crown of Midnight in the next couple of weeks; it was the second book which solidified my love for the series. I am still nervous about the other books, I’ve seen spoilers and I’m not ready! I think that’s why I haven’t picked up the next two books, I don’t know if my heart can take it. When I choose a ship, I ship hard, I don’t cope well with others.

As for the rest, Autumn Thorns was a very middling book for me, it has the potential to be a good fun series, so I’ll be reading the next book when it’s out before I make a proper judgement on that. I’ve barely delved into My Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore, so I will not reveal my thoughts yet, I’m not gripped, though, I will say that. And as for Carry On, there aren't words yet. It was just... it was the perfect book for the mood I was in and I kind of want more but know I can't have it.

New To Me

As you can see, I am still slowly (or not so slowly) accumulating new books to read. Three are freebies, so I can at least say I’m not spending all that much money. Gateway to Fourline was my Kindle First choice for November, and it sounds interesting, it’s a fantasy book with different worlds? Count me In. 

I requested a copy of Jill Shalvis’s book for review from Headline Eternal (the UK publisher) about a month ago and it turned up in the post this week, that was exciting for me. I know I’ve not read the rest of the Animal Magnetism series, but I’m willing to sample one of the later books first (it goes against all my reading principles, though, I don’t read books out of order). I have to say, though, Headline Eternal is fast becoming one of my go to romance publishers when searching out new books to read

And it looks like My Life Next Door is getting published in the UK (yay) and so when I saw it available on NetGalley I had to request, I’ve been meaning to read a Huntley Fitzpatrick book for a while, it seemed like fate.

My other two books? Well, I was experiencing a need for some historical romance and these were the two books I chose. I found The Duke and I used for £2 and I can’t turn down that kind of bargain, and I saw an interview with Lauren Smith over at Hello, Chelly which inspired a quick Kindle purchase. Hopefully, I’ll enjoy them.

And there is my bookish week. I am currently contemplating buying a graphics tablet, so if I disappear for a few days it’s because I’ve decided drawing is going to be my new favourite hobby. (It actually was my favourite thing to do a few years back, but somehow I decided I didn’t have time for it… I’m changing my mind on that front.)

Has anyone got any spoiler-free words of advice to help prepare me during my Throne of Glass reread? And does anyone else buy books from a completely different genre than you’re reading for no other reason than you’ve got a craving for those books?
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