Monthly Wrap Up: December

31 December 2015

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We’ve reached the end of December and the end of 2015! All I can say to that is thank God because I am exhausted! I haven’t had such a busy month in ages. I want to sleep for about a week to recover. Thankfully, I am not one of those party enimals who go out on New Years because I am genuinely excited about curling up and watching a bunch of films this New Year’s Eve and then watching a few fireworks out the window at midnight. It may not be exciting, but it will be nice. I’ve even invested in some new PJs for the occassion (how cool am I?).

December has been less about reading and blogging and more about real life with a little bit of reflection on my reading year. It;s been quite nice, even if I did fail with some of my reading challenges.

December Reads

As you can see, I have still read a fair bit. My Favourite reads of this month are easy to choose, A Bollywood Affair was a fantastic romance read and I would strongly recommend it to everyone (seriously, the reviews are well deserved) and I would also recommend If You Find Me (it was so touching). To be honest, I would be hard pushed to say any of these books was a bad read, I did rate Strange Weather in Tokyo at 2.5 but at the same time it made me cry, so it’s not like I was unaffected by it, it just was a slower read that had a lot story than I would have liked.

December Posts

December Links

Smart Bitches, Trashy Books: 172. Tinder, Sex, Romance, and Relationships: A Frank Discussion of Sexuality with Amanda (I don’t often link up podcasts, but this is probably one of the most interesting ones I listened which I was a frank discussion about female sexuality)
Bookriot: 5 Ballet Books to Read If You’re Digging Starz’s Flesh & Bone (because I, like every other girl, wanted to be a ballerina growing up… until I realised the work involved)

And there is my December. I am off to consider 2015 reading challenges and to write up a couple of posts (because I’m getting on top of things temporarily).
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