Sunday Summary: 13.12.2015

13 December 2015

Sunday Summary
I’m so tired. This week has been so busy and I still have next week to get through! I have spent this week buying Christmas presents and attempting to find a dress to wear for my work’s Christmas party. I’m typing this up on Sunday morning minutes before my family is due to arrive for a huge Sunday lunch and all I want to do is hide away in pyjamas and lose myself in a good book. I have been awake for hours, I have been shopping and productive and I am really too tired for social events, but I will persevere.

Sadly, I have had barely anytime near my computer this week. I’ve responded to no comments, I’ve barely had a chance to read any blog posts and can’t see that changing anytime soon. I am basically really busy and I don’t like it. Or I like it, but I wish it was busy periods interspersed with days just for me rather than being day after day of festivities. I have been for a Christmas meal with folks from work already, and I spent an evening after work attempting to get Christmas presents. I only have one more person to buy for now, at least. And one good thing about my chaotic schedule is I simply haven’t had time to buy any books, the down side is I’ve barely had time to read any either. I am so behind it makes me sad, I have a wonderful post of bookish festive favourites I wanted to post next week and I’m questioning how I will find the time to finish writing it!

Hopefully, once my Christmas party is out the way things will calm down slightly in the run up to Christmas.

What I’ve Been Reading

I know, I say I’ve been insanely busy and I’ve read four books? It makes me sound like a liar, but the first one was a sweet little novella which I read Sunday night, so doesn’t sound. Some Kind of Normal was a book I read so quickly because I simply couldn’t put it down. That and I read it and Out of the Easy the first two days of this week before I realised how hectic things were going to get. That, and I really could not stop reading them, they were soooo good. As for Strange Weather in Tokyo, that book is almost 200 pages, it should be a quick easy read but it took me days to finish when things started getting busy, that is my proof of the chaos.

As I said, I bought no books this week, so there is no new to me books.I will hopefully see you next week with a couple of posts. Forgive me if this post sounded rushed and a little all over the place: it was and I am.

Has anyone else found this festive season sneaking up and taking over their life? And why is it you have to go for so many meals and Christmas parties? Why can their not be one big Christmas party in every town so you can see everyone you know in one place and get it out of the way in one evening?
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