Sunday Summary: 06.12.2015

06 December 2015

Sunday Summary
So, it’s December and I am totally getting in the Christmas spirit right now. I spent yesterday putting up the tree at my nan’s for her (she’s too old for the decorations and hefting around the tree so me and my brother took responsibility and it sort of worked). I was the hilarious one putting on Christmas songs (does anyone actually like them?) and generally being annoying, I did untangle the fairylights, though, so I was really doing the most difficult task anyway.

As my first paragraph reveals, this past week has been consumed by thoughts of Christmas. It happens every year, December hits and I have a panic realising I have totally not gotten on top of my present shopping. This year I am at least ahead of myself. I have presents bought (but not all) and I have ideas of what I have left to buy. There is every chance that my shopping will be complete this time next week, which works quite well for me as I am out a lot over the next couple of weeks with the run up to Christmas everyone seems to want to meet up and the introvert in me is not impressed. I will be glad to have been social once I’m out, but I cannot wait for my days off over Christmas, I fully intend to curl up under a blanket and hideaway for a few days and no one can stop me.

What I’ve Been Reading

These are the books I’ve been reading. I finished Angel of Storms last night (it was gruelling, but I really enjoyed it in the end, it was one of those books which grows on you as the story develops) and I began reading My Life Next Door on Monday on the way to work. That book I loved instantly, I can see why the entire YA blogging world has raved about it for so long and I’m glad it will finally be getting a UK release! As for The Warrior Vampire, I began that last night and I am hooked. This is definitely a series which got better with the second book.

New To Me

I know, that book buying I’m meant to be on is not really showing itself with this weeks new gains… I have no excuse really. A couple are books I ordered in the Black Friday sales, so that’s justified. The Kiss on Castle Road is my pick from the Kindle First choices, so completely free, and really Once Upon a Winter's Eve was only 49p so I hardly feel that loss and I will read it so quickly I feel no guilt over it. As for The Warrior Vampire, the lovely people at Headline Eternal sent me that, and I do love to continue reading a series so I will be saving that for a nice night in soon.

I am now going to write a few posts so I have a few things to come up over December. I’m thinking binge writing a bunch of posts may be the way forward. Also, I am hopefully getting a Christmas/Winter post to come soon so keep your eyes open for it.

Have you gotten into the Christmas spirit yet? Are you like me, does it take one event to truly mark Christmas as starting (like putting up the tree) or do you stay in denial until Christmas Eve (like I normally do)?
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