Sunday Summary: 20.12.2015

20 December 2015

Sunday Summary
I did say I was going to be busy... but I didn't expect to not get a single post up all week or get a chance to do anything blog related. Thankfully, it's almost Christmas so things are dying down on the social front for me, which is good because the hundreds of unread blog posts I'm to contend with are rather daunting.

Is anyone else excited for Christmas? My festive spirit is officially alive and well thanks to doing Secret Santa at work on Wednesday and thanks to our works Christmas Party. I mean, all I want to do now is break up from work, wrap all my presents and watch lots of Christmas TV. That would literally make my day, but sadly I’m working until 12:30 on Christmas Eve (I’m very excited, of course) so Christmas feelings comes and goes in waves.

I am going to tell you all now that I am in an insanely upbeat mood. This is partly because I am riding a reading high after finishing The Bollywood Affair (it’s a fantastic romance read… go read it immediatly) but also because things have been going well at work. I don’t often say positive things about my job, normally because when things are going well it means things are going right and I have nothing special to mention, but this past few months we’ve been having a lot of bad luck and so I’’ve had a lot to complain about. Now, I’m not saying everything went right this month (it hasn’t, I’m exhausted with the need to get all our work done for Christmas) but a lot less things have gone wrong. Also, my team met up with someone who left a couple of months ago and went for a meal and we had the cathartic experience of getting our complaints of our chest, which might have contributed to my positive work mood. That’s not all, though, I also got employee of the month this week (so my exhausting work ethic has not gone unnoticed) and then I got a surprise Friday before I left for the day, I was given a Christmas bonus! It’s in vouchers for Marks and Spencer, which is a shop I rarely go to, but it did give me a small thrill to be noticed. So, for the nest few weeks I will porbably say nothing but good things about my job because they like me, they really like me.

What I’ve Been Reading

I’ve been too busy for reading, Deadly Games only got finished Thursday because me feet ached so much from the Christmas party Wednesday night that I couldn’t be bothered to shift from the sofa all evening. A Bollywood Affair was a fantastic read I hope to write a full review about soon, and Sorcerer to the Crown? Well I started that yesterday and the writing is a bit daunting, but I am getting flashes of Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell from it so it should be enjoyable. I do have a real craving for more romance after listening to the Smart Bitches, Trashy Books podcasts from the past couple of weeks, but I am a book monogamist so I will power through Sorcerer to the Crown.

New To Me

Yeah, the book buying ban is a success, I bought one book because I’ve read 5 kindle books (yes, I’ve stolen this concept from Amy at Pages of Starlight) but then I got a bunch of books I’d requested review copies for in one go. I bought The Palace Job mostly because it was a part of the Kindle Daily Deals and 99p is nothing for a book, but also because the book appealed to me… we will see when I read it. As for the rest, Radiance has had so many good reviews so I instantly requested on NetGalley for the UK copy and Walk The Edge was instantly requested because Katie McGarry! ANd Make Me Stay is a book I totally forgot requesting, but then it turned up in the post and I was like ‘oh yeah, I totally wanted to read that didn’t I?’ but I’ll read it because Headline Eternal is becoming my romance publisher of choice.

Now, I am off to read books and finish writing up those reviews I’ve been putting off (seriously, I have a list) nd basically doing some blog upkeep. Get excited if I reply to your comments, I’ve got a backlog, and 137 blog posts unread to get through. COmments for all!

What have you been up to this week? Has everyone gotten sorted for Christmas or is it a mad dash this year?
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