Sunday Summary: 27.12.2015

27 December 2015

Sunday Summary
This will be my last Sunday Summary of 2015! How weird is that? I can’t believe this year is almost finished. I also feel like I need to really do my Sunday posts justice by being really interesting... but I haven't been all that exciting this week.

Are we all exhausted after Christmas? I know I am, although it was the day that was most tiring, the rest of my week has been quite calm (if a bit dull at times). I spent the week at work counting down the hours until I broke up for the year. Since we finished all of our work it was a very slow week of attempting to look busy, it does make you question why no one bothered sending us home, but who am I to question management? Apart from a slow working week I’ve had a fun few days seeing friends. I had a relaxed evening watching terrible TV and gossiping Tuesday night and Christmas Eve I went to see Krampus at the cinema. It was a bit of a disappointing film, but the company was good.

Now I can say all I want about everything else, but we all know the highlight of everyone’s week has been Christmas Day. I have to say, my Christmas was a mixed bag. It was lovely seeing all my family and opening presents (I love presents) but then our usual visit to see my nan was a bit of a letdown. 

I know she has been a bit down lately, being stuck in a bad all day is not a thrill ride for her, but lately it feels a bit like she has given up. She refused to open her presents, she refused the Christmas dinner we brought round for her later, and she actually sent us away! My nan is normally thrilled to see us, so it was a bit of a shock when she asked us to leave not long after arriving. It’s a nightmare trying to figure out what to do with her sometimes, I’m hoping she was just feeling a bit down with it being Christmas, she used to always be going out visiting Christmas day so it’s difficult for her being stuck at home, I think. We'll see how she is next week, the number of visitors she gets every Christmas should cheer her up some (seriously, she has more friends than I do, I should be embarrassed).

Enough about the negatives of Christmas, what went right? I got some lovely gifts. New trainers, the most adorable owl hand cream thing, and some great gifts off of my brother. I get both the Pitch Perfect films on DVD so you can easily guess how I spent my Boxing Day, can't you? And what was great was everyone liked my gifts to them. You know you've given a good gift when you see their smile or get a funny text off a friend. I bought one friend some makeup, her response to getting such a gift? A text saying she was wearing so much makeup she looked like a drag queen. She didn't need to wear it all at once, but would she listen?

What I’ve Been Reading

As you can see, I’ve been reading a bit slower this week. A novella and two full-length books is not that much reading for me. After finishing The Sorcerer to the Crown, I was craving some good old romance and How to Catch a Wild Viscount sorted that craving. If You Find Me was a book I’ve been interested in reading for ages. I bought it a while ago now and impulsively decided to start reading it on the bus to work Monday. I was immediately drawn in a felt like slapping myself for leaving it on my Kindle to collect digital dust for so long. It’s such a good read. And, Make Me Stay, well it’s a fun romance that is similar to Jill Shalvis and Bella Andrew so I will definitely be checking the rest of the Hope series out at some point.

New To Me

I was successful in only buying one book in the past week. Hopefully, it will be my last purchase of 2016 because this year my purchases exceed the books I’ve read (I know, I have a problem). I am slowly working my way through Bella Andre’s Sullivan books. I know they are a bit cheesy, but they are also fun romance books and I need such things in my life.

I didn’t get any books for Christmas, I never get books as gifts in fact. This isn’t because people don’t know I read, it’s more because everyone knows I read and it’s risky buying a book for me in case I’ve read it. I don't mind people's hesitance in gifting me books, it means the ones I do get are really good and I shouldn't really be getting new books anyway.

How are you spending the end of the year? Am I the only one who never receives books as gifts?
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