Make Me Stay // That Romance I Didn't Know I Wanted

27 January 2016

Published: 1st December 2015
Source: Headline Eternal
Genre: Romance, Contemporary
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The fifth novel of heartwarming passion in the Hope series, from the New York Times bestselling author of the Play-By-Play. Perfect for fans of Jill Shalvis, Rachel Gibson and Bella Andre.

Sometimes love has a plan all of its own... Only the challenge of renovating a historic building could persuade architect Reid McCormack to return to his hometown of Hope. And once the job is finished, he's heading right back to matter how drawn he is to beautiful florist Samantha Reasor. Samantha watches over her elderly grandmother and pours a piece of herself into every floral creation she designs. However sexy she finds Reid, she's resisting acting on her crush. Samantha's not in the market for a temporary fling - she wants something real, permanent...and forever. With such different outlooks, how can these two possibly work? Yet as their attraction grows deeper, Samantha and Reid realise that maybe love is the one thing they can build a future on.

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This book was the perfect romance read and I wasn’t expecting it, in more ways than one actually. I genuinely didn’t expect this book when it turned up in the post, I’d requested it on BookBridgr about 2 months ago because it’s a Headline Eternal book (they are my romance publisher in the UK, I love them, marry me?) but also because it was sold as being perfect for fans of Jill SHalvis, Rachel Gibson and Bella Andre, well that made it sound perfect for me. THe other reason I wasn’t expecting it, though, is because it’s the fifth book in the series and I’m always a bit wary of how I’ll take it. In some case it ends beautifully, but other times you live to regret it. I loved it and will be reading the other books in this series.

What’s It About And What Makes It Work?

The book is another smalltown romance, it’s set in the town of Hope and it’s all about Reid McCormack returning home for the refurbishment of an historic building and the connection he has with flower shop owner Samantha. Look, the romance is obvious, it was hinted at in other books, and it’s fun. It’s about a pair of people who were in no way looking for love (but who is in a romance novel) and end up forming a connection despite their mountain of reasons why they really shouldn’t and why the relationship between themm can’t possibly work. There are two major obstacles for the pair, one is Reid lives and works in Boston, and the second is Sam needs to stay in town as she is running her Gran’s business and she absolutely refuses to leave the last of her family.

The premise doesn’t sound original, but what romance does? This story works because of the characters Burton creates. Sam is a strong independent woman who wants to have fun, but spends a lot of her time feeling like a parent with an unruly teenager with the way she has to look out for her gran, and Reid is eager to remain unattached. He isn’t staying in town and doesn’t want to hurt anyone, he just wants to get a job done in restoring a building he loves, but it’s never easy to stay unattached in a smalltown, every reader knows that. ANd it’s the story and the entire cast of characters which really makes this book for me.

I liked the entire thing, I love a good romantic misunderstanding and this book was fun. I think fun in a romance read is important and you got that in spades with this one. You have a man in denial about what he wants in life, a woman committed to her family over her own needs, and most importantly, a dog called ‘Not My Dog’, what more could you ask for in a book?

But, Will You Like It?

I can tell you why I like this books easy, but, really, the only thing you want to know in a review is whether or not you should buy it. Well, I can’t really guarantee you a good read, because I don’t know all of you and your reading tastes, what I can tell you is if you like your romance funny and with a few obvious, but interesting, obstacles to the happy ending then this is the book for you. It does begin a bit dry as you get to know the characters, but once it gets going you find it hard to stop reading. All decent romance keeps you interested, and with the new developments and twists which happen in the book it’s difficult not to. As such, I would say any romance reader will enjoy, the summary is accurate, fans of Jill SHalvis and Bella Andre will enjoy this book.

This book was a perfect mid-series read, it had the perfect level of story and just another backstory on any characters that had popped up in previous books for you to not feel lost. The best thing is you get to see the forshadowing for future books, as any good romance series does. I love a good level of foreshadowing in a romance book, I want to know who I should be looking forward to visiting next, and I am most definitely excited to see what happens with Brady and Megan.

Have you read any of the Hope series, what did you think? And am I the only one who likes the ‘for fans of’ recommendations on books? They make me roll my eyes, yet they still draw me in.
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